• Three Power Cord Upgrades

    Three Power Cord Upgrades

    Whether power cords represent the most important component in a high-end system, or the least, or even qualify as a component at all is an argument for another day. Controversies aside, power cords are a ...
  • My Magico Moment

    My Magico Moment

    With a couple of hours in front of me prior to flying home after CAS, I took advantage of an invitation to check out Magico’s new digs in nearby Hayward. And why not? I’d been ...
  • Neil Gader's CAS 2014 Show Report: Part One

    Neil Gader's CAS 2014 Show Report: Part One

    The California Audio Show–annually hosted by dagogo.com publisher Constantine Soo–once again took up residence at the Westin Hotel over the weekend of August 15-17 (adjacent to the San Francisco airport). Like last year’s installment it ...
  • ATC SCM19 Loudspeaker

    ATC SCM19 Loudspeaker

    For the past forty years, British loudspeaker-maker ATC has forged an enviable reputation in recording/mastering studios, concert halls, and post-production facilities worldwide. Its professional active monitors are akin to precision tools, as faithful to the ...
  • Parasound JC 3+ Phono Preamp

    Parasound JC 3+ Phono Preamp

    First, hats off to Parasound for not bowing to convention and badging its new, hot-rodded version of the original JC 3 phonostage with the shop-worn cliché “Reference” or “Signature Edition.” And second, and more importantly, ...
  • Mapleshade Record Shelf System

    Mapleshade Record Shelf System

    It wasn’t too long ago that I figured my vinyl-buying days were over. By high-end standards my collection was a modest one, maybe 1500 or so LPs. But they were choice—carefully culled over the years, ...
  • MOON Nēo 260D Transport/DAC

    MOON Nēo 260D Transport/DAC

    Whatever you do, don’t go calling the Nēo 260D from Simaudio just another CD player. That’d be like comparing Usain Bolt to a Sunday morning jogger or describing a McLaren P1 as just another road ...

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