• Sam Cooke: Night Beat

    Sam Cooke: Night Beat

    Back in the late fifties, when I was in grade school, my mom gave me a table radio that I promptly ensconced by my bed. Every night I listened to it—to the late-night programming on ...
  • Technical Brain Revisited

    Technical Brain Revisited

    The moment I first heard Technical Brain solid-state electronics three-and-a-half years ago at Naoto Kurosawa’s shop in Kawagoe, Japan, I was bowled over by their sound. Listening to music that I had brought with me ...
  • Ortofon MC Anna Moving-Coil Cartridge

    Ortofon MC Anna Moving-Coil Cartridge

    In audio the word “neutral” can cover a multitude of virtues—or a multitude of sins. It all depends on who’s doing the talking—and the listening. Take the innovative, somewhat controversial, now- discontinued, $4500 Ortofon MC ...
  • Munich High End 2013 Show Report

    Munich High End 2013 Show Report

    Good old-fashioned American chauvinism notwithstanding, Munich is by consensus the world’s most important high-end audio show, replacing CES as the place to do business—that is, if doing business in Europe and the Far East are ...
  • Sad News

    Sad News

    Some three-and-a-half years ago now, my wife Kathy and I traveled to Bern, Switzerland, to visit audio engineer Peter Brem and his companion Jolanda Costa, the co-proprietors of DaVinciAudioLabs—makers of the AAS Gabriel turntable and ...
  • AXPONA Chicago 2013

    AXPONA Chicago 2013

    Not since 1994, when the Summer CES stopped camping out yearly along Michigan Avenue and Lake Shore Drive, has the Windy City played annual host to a large high-end audio show. That situation will certainly ...
  • Estelon X Diamond Loudspeaker

    Estelon X Diamond Loudspeaker

    Here’s the thing about the ceramic-driver loudspeakers I’ve reviewed in the past. At low-to-moderate SPLs or on music performed pianissimo-to-mezzoforte, they have always been marvelous at reproducing the fine detail that tells you which instruments ...

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