• Three New DSD-Capable DACs

    Three New DSD-Capable DACs

    During the years that J. Gordon Holt and I made recordings together he often complained about the lack of “pro” audio gear being reviewed in consumer audio publications. Many times he found a particular piece ...
  • ProAc Anniversary Tablette

    ProAc Anniversary Tablette

    I remember the first time I heard ProAc Tablette speakers. It was in 1979, just before I began writing for The Absolute Sound. They were playing in a small audiophile shop in Arlington, MA. After ...
  • iFi iDAC, iCAN, and iUSBPower

    iFi iDAC, iCAN, and iUSBPower

    Ever hear of iFi Audio? Me neither. But at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, there was a quartet of miniature products bearing the iFi logo in the Avatar Acoustics room. Darren Censullo, head honcho ...
  • Wadia 121 Decoding Computer

    Wadia 121 Decoding Computer

    Upon first look it’s easy to see the Wadia 121’s resemblance to other components in Wadia’s "mini” line, including the 171i i-Pod dock and 151 PowerDAC. Like these other components, the 121 was designed for ...
  • Four DACs from $699 to $3600

    Four DACs from $699 to $3600

    When the first DACs (digital-to-analog converters) appeared in 1985 they were big and expensive. Sony’s first DAC, the Sony DAS-702ES, weighed over 11kg and was built to last a lifetime. Too bad the technology inside ...
  • NuForce DDA-100 Integrated Amplifier

    NuForce DDA-100 Integrated Amplifier

    Insomniacs must populate NuForce’s R&D department. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for NuForce’s rapidly expanding stable of new products. I reviewed its excellent DAC-100 in Issue 228, and now NuForce has ...
  • Rocky Mountain Show Report

    Rocky Mountain Show Report

    Another year, another Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, and another wave of new digital audio gear. To experience all the new products required more walking and talking, and less listening, than I would have liked. I ...
  • Is Sound Quality Enough?

    Is Sound Quality Enough?

    A press release from Monster came across my computer screen a couple of days back. It heralded an appearance by “World renowned designer/stylist Phillip Bloch” at Monster’s “Style360 Pavilion” during NYC’s Fashion Week. While this ...
  • Toe-In By The Numbers

    Toe-In By The Numbers

    A few days ago I purchased an App for my iPod Touch called SpeakerAngle that was guaranteed to make setting up speakers a more accurate and less of a hit-or-miss affair. Released under the auspices ...

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