• Carole King: The Legendary Demos

    Carole King: The Legendary Demos

    Any boomer who ever fell in or out of love listening to Carole King’s many contributions to the American Pop Songbook will enjoy these 13 previously unreleased demos of songs made popular by Aretha Franklin, ...
  • Norah Jones: Little Broken Hearts

    Norah Jones: Little Broken Hearts

    Sonically sparse and emotionally raw, the twelve ballads on Little Broken Hearts drift through a stark-blue landscape strewn with heartache, disappointment, and despair. Teaming up with producer Danger Mouse (Black Keys, Gnarls Barkley), singer and ...
  • Eric Bibb: Deeper in the Well

    Eric Bibb: Deeper in the Well

    Bluesman Eric Bibb heads to Louisiana to explore the intersection between the African, French, Spanish, Caribbean, and Native American influences in that region’s music. Recorded at Dirk Powell’s Cypress House Studio in Pont Breaux, Louisiana, ...
  • Lyle Lovett: Release Me

    Lyle Lovett: Release Me

    Lyle Lovett’s final project for a major label is a mixed bag of covers and original songs from blues to bluegrass, gospel to pop. Fittingly, most of the songs are about movin’ on. There’s the ...
  • Otis Taylor: Contraband

    Otis Taylor: Contraband

    Otis Taylor may just be the last authentic bluesman. His often intimate songs, informed by the dreams and disappointments of generations of Africans and African Americans, give voice to those, past and present, scattered by ...
  • Nick Lowe: The Old Magic

    Nick Lowe: The Old Magic

    As a member of the seminal pub-rock scene that spawned the punk movement in the mid-70s and saw the rise of his sometime collaborator Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe pretty much dropped from sight in 1990 ...
  • Beach Boys: The Smile Sessions

    Beach Boys: The Smile Sessions

    Recorded in 1966 and ’67, and guided by songwriters Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks, the unfinished Smile album is often considered just as innovative as the Beatles’ 1967 game changer Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts ...
  • Rolling Stones: Some Girl

    Rolling Stones: Some Girl

    This newly reissued 1978 album is a sexy, snarling, cosmopolitan affair steeped in the decadence of the times—the Stones seldom sounded tougher than on “When the Whip Comes Down” or “Shattered.” But many of the ...
  • Etta James: The Dreamer

    Etta James: The Dreamer

    There’s a dark pall cast over The Dreamer. The album cover depicts her wan face cloaked in a black shroud-like hood. It’s to be Etta James’ last—she’s been diagnosed with dementia and her 50- year ...
  • Chris Isaak: Beyond the Sun

    Chris Isaak: Beyond the Sun

    Chris Isaak grew up in blue-collar Stockton, California, pantomiming Elvis to the radio. He became a pop star and heartthrob, crooning lonesome laments laced with twangy rockabilly guitar and Roy Orbison-inspired vocal vibe. The press ...
  • Coldplay: Mylo Xyloto

    Coldplay: Mylo Xyloto

    Coldplay powers up a big pop sound and pays tribute to New York City graffiti artists and resistance movements on this latest collaboration with producer Brian Eno, who also produced the band’s 2008 multi-Grammy-winning hit ...

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