• Women at the New Piano

    Women at the New Piano

    Reference Recordings garnered seven nominations for the 2016 Grammy Awards, including two for Woman at the New Piano. The disc premieres six works written in 2013 by four composers, three of whom, like Shpachenko, live ...
  • Wilson Audio Announces Yvette

    Wilson Audio Announces Yvette

    The following is a press release issued by Wilson Audio. September 23, 2016 - When we think about Wilson Audio, there is a strong propensity to get caught up in the company’s heritage. It’s easy ...
  • Golden Ear Awards 2016: Robert Harley

    Golden Ear Awards 2016: Robert Harley

    David Berning Audio 211/845 Amplifier $75,000 In the new 211/845, David Berning has created the most ambitious realization yet of his brilliant ZOTL circuit that allows a tube amplifier to operate without an output transformer. ...
  • Bill Stewart: Space Squid

    Bill Stewart: Space Squid

    This innovative drummer, a role model for young players coming out of jazz schools and conservatories over the past two decades, has showcased his penchant for polyrhythms and melodicism as sideman to the likes of ...
  • Terre Roche: Imprint

    Terre Roche: Imprint

    The second-born of three talented Roche sisters that have been with us in various combinations ever since siblings Maggie and Terre made their debut in 1975 on the Paul Simon-produced LP Seductive Reasoning, Terre is ...

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