• Stax SR-L700 Headphones

    Stax SR-L700 Headphones

    It would not be a stretch to call Stax “the first audiophile headphone.” When almost all other full-sized headphones were using dynamic drivers, Stax had already established itself as preeminent by using planar-electrostatic technology. Stax’s ...
  • Audience Ohno Speaker Cables and Interconnects

    Audience Ohno Speaker Cables and Interconnects

    The slender profile of Audience Ohno interconnects and speaker cables runs counter to perceived audiophile gospel that high-quality wires must be thick and heavy, with dreadlock twists of conductors encased within unyielding jacketing. Audience turns ...
  • Tom Harrell: First Impressions

    Tom Harrell: First Impressions

    Trumpet and flugelhorn player, bandleader, composer, and arranger Tom Harrell picked up rave reviews for 2014’s Trip, an ambitious, bluesy concept album built around Don Quixote. He returns with a gorgeous album of Third-Stream gems ...
  • Basis Audio Superarm 9 Tonearm

    Basis Audio Superarm 9 Tonearm

    A music lover about to upgrade his or her system is faced with some difficult decisions. Would the upgrade budget be best spent on a new amplifier? Better speakers? Adding power conditioning? Higher-end cables? There ...

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