• The Technology Behind the Q7

    The Technology Behind the Q7

    Although the Q7’s woofers, midrange driver, and tweeter look identical to those of the Q5 (except that the woofers are bigger and there are more of them) the Q7’s drivers are actually quite a bit ...
  • Estelon X Diamond Loudspeaker

    Estelon X Diamond Loudspeaker

    Here’s the thing about the ceramic-driver loudspeakers I’ve reviewed in the past. At low-to-moderate SPLs or on music performed pianissimo-to-mezzoforte, they have always been marvelous at reproducing the fine detail that tells you which instruments ...
  • Acoustic Zen Crescendo Loudspeaker

    Acoustic Zen Crescendo Loudspeaker

    When A. R. Bailey unveiled his novel “non-resonant loudspeaker enclosure” in 1965, commonly referred to today as a classic transmission line (TL), he took direct aim at the popular bass-reflex speaker design. Bailey’s measurements and ...
  • State of the Art in D.C.

    State of the Art in D.C.

    Audio reviewing tends to be a mostly solitary endeavor. But that’s not to say reviewers are anti-social. However, as much as TAS staffers like me would like to pay a colleague a visit to check ...
  • Sonus faber Amati Futura

    Sonus faber Amati Futura

    The latest generation of reference-quality, multi-driver loudspeakers approaching the state of the art have several things in common: cabinets that go to fanatical lengths to reduce and control resonances; sophisticated crossovers utilizing very expensive high-quality ...

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