• EnKlein Orion Release

    EnKlein Orion Release

    December 4, 2013 – EnKlein is bringing in the New Year with a handcrafted, Tour de Force on digital signal preservation. Introducing, the solid silver Orion. The Orion AES/SPDIF digital ultra-high performance cable is specifically ...
  • Cable and Interconnect Construction

    Cable and Interconnect Construction

    Cables and interconnects are composed of three main elements: the signal conductors, the dielectric, and the terminations. The conductors carry the audio signal; the dielectric is an insulating material between and around the conductors; and ...
  • Neil Gader Visits Audioquest

    Neil Gader Visits Audioquest

    A couple weeks ago, I received a red carpet tour of the facilities of Audioquest in Irvine, California. Joined by Joe Harley, Shane Buettner and later on AQ founder Bill Low I was left a ...
  • Cable Designer Roundtable

    Cable Designer Roundtable

    The Pioneering Founders of The Cable Industry Discuss the History, Art, and Science of High-End Audio Cables. It’s easy to forget that just 35 years ago cables were an afterthought in the pursuit of great ...
  • MIT Cables Releases New Line Of Cables

    MIT Cables Releases New Line Of Cables

    May 13, 2013 - Rocklin, CA - High-performance manufacturer MIT Cables, announces a broad line of new products. Known for nearly 30 years for its top-of-the-line Reference interface products, MIT is launching a new range ...
  • HRT microStreamer: Pocket Rocket

    HRT microStreamer: Pocket Rocket

    The world of digital streaming is one that I admittedly am not as comfortable with as other formats. I still cling to my analog roots and treasure the ritual and spirit of vinyl LP playback–with ...
  • CES 2013: Cables and Power Products

    CES 2013: Cables and Power Products

    Las Vegas was awash in new high-performance audio cables and power products—from exotic new interconnects and loudspeaker cables to some surprisingly affordable power conditioners and USB and Ethernet cables. These essential components lifted the performance ...

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