• Esoteric(s) on Deck

    Esoteric(s) on Deck

    Reviewers constantly see gear come and go; but, as you can imagine, we regret the parting of some pieces more than others. Roughly two years ago Esoteric had to pry their K-03 player from my ...
  • Rotel RCX-1500 CD Receiver (TAS 218)

    Rotel RCX-1500 CD Receiver (TAS 218)

    Rotel calls the RCX-1500 CD receiver the “most versatile component we’ve ever offered,” and I don’t doubt the claim. The RCX-1500 is a veritable multi-tasking, digital Grand Central Station. All comers welcome. Whether you want ...
  • Bryston BDP-1 Digital Player (TAS 215)

    Bryston BDP-1 Digital Player (TAS 215)

    Canadian stalwart Bryston is not known for ostentatious flights of fancy nor hyperbolic self promotion. Rather, the company has established a sterling reputation—in both professional and consumer circles—for conservative design, unparalleled product reliability, and superlative ...
  • Meitner CDSA-SE SACD Player

    Meitner CDSA-SE SACD Player

    High quality digital replay is a mess. Conflicting formats and their competing claims have created a complex and confusing field in which the all too prosaic realities of everyday digital performance have been obscured and ...
  • Denon AVR-3806 7.1-channel A/V Receiver

    Denon AVR-3806 7.1-channel A/V Receiver

    Denon A/V receivers are known for delivering genuine technological advancements, not whoopee-cushion gimmickry, and the mid-priced AVR-3806 is no exception. With the addition of XM capability, HDMI v.1.1 switching with analog source/video upconversion and HDCD ...

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