• HiFiMAN HE400S

    HiFiMAN HE400S

    If you’re into planar-magnetic headphones but thought power requirements and price limitations might put the damper on a purchase, think again. The smart hi-fi men at HiFiMAN have figured out how to deliver the sonic ...
  • CES 2016: Electronics $15k and Up

    CES 2016: Electronics $15k and Up

    Five Best-Sounding Systems and Debuts: Constellation Hercules II electronics and MartinLogan Neolith electrostatic hybrid loudspeakers While I was duly impressed by the sound of these gorgeous red MartinLogan Neolith hybrid electrostats ($80k/pr.) powered by Constellation’s ...
  • PS Audio Sprout

    PS Audio Sprout

    Call it love at first sight. Simply put, I adored this little integrated amp from PS Audio straight out of the box. From its wonderfully compact size—slightly larger than a chunky paperback bestseller—to the look ...
  • Focal Aria 948

    Focal Aria 948

    If I had to choose a single term to summarize my experience with the Focal Aria 948, it would be “detail.” And, as I will explain, this descriptor encompasses different forms and senses of the ...
  • 2015 Munich High End: Electronics

    2015 Munich High End: Electronics

    Most Significant Rooms Magico Q7 Mk. II loudspeakers with Soulution electronics and Vovox cables The bar was set high, and set early. Simply put, this room started off my Munich show experience with unmatched slam. ...
  • Magnepan .7 Loudspeaker

    Magnepan .7 Loudspeaker

    Let’s face it: Most audiophiles are into cone loudspeakers. And why not? They’re plentiful, good-sounding, and (at least in many cases) quite affordable. Though force of habit is a powerful thing, what if there were ...
  • AXPONA 2015

    AXPONA 2015

    Once the Windy City’s snow thaws each year (and this year’s snowfall was a record!), it means that the annual AXPONA high-end audio event, slated for April 24–26, is right around the corner. AXPONA, an ...

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