• BluePort Jazz, A Labor of Love

    BluePort Jazz, A Labor of Love

    Most of us have attended a concert so amazing that afterwards we would have killed for a recording of it, but Jim Merod doesn’t have that problem. Since 1965 Merod has recorded hundreds of jazz ...
  • Butterfield Blues Band

    Butterfield Blues Band

    This April the Butterfield Blues Band will enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, drawing attention to a band that, since folding in the early 1970s, has largely been overlooked and is overdue to ...
  • Female Jazz Vocalists

    Female Jazz Vocalists

    In Issue 219 I wrote an overview of contemporary female jazz singers that bypassed the most well-known vocalists. Since that issue I’ve kept listening, and gradually a new list was created. Like last time, I ...
  • The Smoke Sessions Label

    The Smoke Sessions Label

    Classic live albums recorded at legendary clubs are a vital part of jazz history. To name but a few, the Five Spot, the Village Vanguard, Birdland, and the Half Note all have timeless records associated ...
  • Chris Smither: Still on the Levee

    Chris Smither: Still on the Levee

    This 2-CD 25-song set is a unique retrospective: instead of reissuing previous recordings, roots singer, songwriter, and guitarist Chris Smither puts a fresh spin on songs from throughout his 50-year career. The sound is clean ...
  • Somi: The Lagos Music Salon

    Somi: The Lagos Music Salon

    The daughter of immigrants from Rwanda and Uganda, Somi recently moved from New York City to Lagos, Nigeria, for 18 months, an experience that inspired this major label debut. She’s lived in Africa before, and ...
  • The Beatles Get Back to Mono

    The Beatles Get Back to Mono

    In his article “The Beatles Remastered” that appeared back in Issue 198, Neil Gader reviewed the stereo and mono remixes that had recently come out on compact disc. Comparing that batch to an earlier CD ...
  • Kathleen Grace: No Place to Fall

    Kathleen Grace: No Place to Fall

    Shortly after Kathleen Grace established herself as a jazz vocalist, country music started to lure her away, and on her fourth album, No Place to Fall, this stylistic turn fits her so well that there ...
  • Yarlung Records Makes A Splash

    Yarlung Records Makes A Splash

    One of the pleasures of experiencing a second golden age of audio is witnessing all the ways record labels keep evolving. Take, for example, Yarlung Records, a California- based company that, when it was launched ...
  • Charlie Haden, 1937–2014

    Charlie Haden, 1937–2014

    The recent death of bassist Charlie Haden at age 76 was a huge blow to the jazz world. Along with losing a great musician, we lost an important spokesman for jazz, which to Haden was ...
  • Putting Some English on Jazz

    Putting Some English on Jazz

    Wouldn’t it be great if a music label celebrated the U.K.’s contribution to modern jazz and spotlighted some up-and-coming players as well? And what if that label took elaborate measures to ensure that the recordings ...

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