• Raidho Acoustics D-5 Loudspeaker

    Raidho Acoustics D-5 Loudspeaker

    If you’d like to hear all that is right about my current reference loudspeakers, the majestic, seven-driver, three-way Raidho D-5s, put on the Feria from Ravel’s Rhapsodie espagnol [RCA LSC-2183]. If you want to hear ...
  • Siltech SAGA System

    Siltech SAGA System

    Though other folks (including some on this very magazine) seem to think that we’ve just been marking time in high-end audio lately, building and rebuilding the same old things only with better parts and calling ...
  • Setting Up a Phono Cartridge

    Setting Up a Phono Cartridge

    Because it is a thing of beauty to witness and because the results make such a huge difference in sonics, I’d like to take you through the process of mounting, aligning, and optimizing a moving-coil ...
  • JL Audio E-Sub e110 Subwoofer

    JL Audio E-Sub e110 Subwoofer

    It is no secret that I’m not a fan of subwoofers. In my experience they take away more in transparency and coherence than they pay back in low-end extension and power-handling, especially when they are ...
  • Paragon


    Life is full of surprises. Even so, it came as a bit of a shock to chance upon two Saudi Arabians with high-end-audio ambitions at MOC 2013. Beyond sand, oil, and camels, very few of ...
  • AXPONA Chicago 2014 Show Report

    AXPONA Chicago 2014 Show Report

    After last year’s exciting debut, I think everyone at TAS was expecting AXPONA Chicago 2014 to be a huge success—and it may well have been financially. (Several record dealers told me that they had never ...
  • Sam Cooke: Night Beat

    Sam Cooke: Night Beat

    Back in the late fifties, when I was in grade school, my mom gave me a table radio that I promptly ensconced by my bed. Every night I listened to it—to the late-night programming on ...

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