• TESTED: PrimaLuna Model Eight CD Player

    TESTED: PrimaLuna Model Eight CD Player

    Dutch-based PrimaLuna has in recent years garnered much critical acclaim for the phenomenal price-to-performance ratio of its line of tube gear. The business model of European designs manufactured in China is not new per se, ...
  • Mystère IA21 Tubed Integrated Amplifier

    Mystère IA21 Tubed Integrated Amplifier

    Durob Audio, the Dutch design and marketing team that has already brought us the well-known and hugely successful PrimaLuna brand, has expanded its product offering in 2007 with the Mystère line. Comprising two integrated tube ...
  • Esoteric MG-20 LOUDSPEAKER

    Esoteric MG-20 LOUDSPEAKER

    To coincide with its 20th anniversary, TEAC Esoteric expanded its product base during CES 2007 by adding a loudspeaker line. It was an appropriate moment to celebrate, and sharing a toast with corporate president Motomaki ...
  • MartinLogan Vista Loudspeaker

    MartinLogan Vista Loudspeaker

    MartinLogan’s revamped hybrid electrostatic line comprises a trio of models all sharing the company’s trademarked XStat electrostatic panel technology. At the top (not surprisingly) is the Summit, and one notch below it, the Vantage. The ...
  • Reference 3A Dulcet Loudspeaker

    Reference 3A Dulcet Loudspeaker

    Let me start with a confessional. It’s been about two decades since I’ve seriously auditioned a minimonitor loudspeaker. Traveling down memory lane, I recall the ProAc Tablette, small enough to fit in a shoebox, being ...

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