• Sonus faber Amati Futura

    Sonus faber Amati Futura

    The latest generation of reference-quality, multi-driver loudspeakers approaching the state of the art have several things in common: cabinets that go to fanatical lengths to reduce and control resonances; sophisticated crossovers utilizing very expensive high-quality ...
  • Marten Django XL Loudspeaker

    Marten Django XL Loudspeaker

    From a speaker-designer’s perspective, $15,000 is a tricky price point. Above that, there is plenty of room to lavish resources on extensive R&D (e.g.—the KEF Blade), ultrarigid enclosures (the big Wilsons, Magico’s Q series), and ...
  • 6 Greatest "Mid-Priced" Bargains in High-End Audio

    6 Greatest "Mid-Priced" Bargains in High-End Audio

    Synergistic Element Series Interconnect: Element Copper, $1200/1m, Element Tungsten, $2000, Element CTS, $3600. Speaker (8' pr.): Element Copper, $1700; Element Tungsten, $2800. Element CTS, $7500 The Element Series represents Synergistic’s innovative and costly Galileo System ...
  • Sonja World Premier CES 2013

    Sonja World Premier CES 2013

    January 7, 2013. Arvada, Colorado, U.S.A.- YG Acoustics™, LLC is proud to announce the introduction of a very special member to its distinguished family of loudspeakers – the Sonja™. YG Acoustics™ undertook an ambitious design ...
  • Raidho C 4.1, Pt. II

    Raidho C 4.1, Pt. II

    Well, I’ve been listening to these tall, thin, exceptionally beautiful loudspeakers for several months now, and they’ve only continued to get better with settling-in time, break-in time, considerable tweaking of their position in my room, ...
  • Klipsch Heresy III Loudspeaker

    Klipsch Heresy III Loudspeaker

    You might be wondering what is so heretical about the $1700 Heresy III, the most affordable model in Klipsch’s Heritage line. The original design was introduced circa 1957 as a center channel for a pair ...
  • Lansche Audio No.7 Loudspeaker

    Lansche Audio No.7 Loudspeaker

    Loudspeaker designers constantly strive for lower and lower moving mass in their cones and panels, but what would a driver sound like if it had no moving mass—or no moving parts at all? The massless ...

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