• Golden Ear Awards 2016: Julie Mullins

    Golden Ear Awards 2016: Julie Mullins

    KEF Muo Wireless Speaker System $350 each This wonderfully portable little wireless loudspeaker delivers sonic goods well beyond expectations, especially given its petite dimensions. Intended for those who want quality listening on the go, it’s ...
  • Technics R1 Reference System

    Technics R1 Reference System

    Time was when Technics, along with Nakamichi and a smattering of others, claimed membership in an elite cadre within Japan’s overwhelmingly mass-market audio industry. These companies aimed higher. Technics, a division of Panasonic, found favor ...
  • Elac Uni-Fi UB5

    Elac Uni-Fi UB5

    How do you follow an act like the Elac Debut B5? The pint-size, two-way compact simply crushed it with its big, hearty sound and puny $229 price tag (reviewed in Issue 260). In a rare ...
  • New Old Ways

    New Old Ways

    A couple of years ago, I asked Emmylou Harris her opinion of Steve Earle’s music and the state of country music in general. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter, known for shooting from the hip, didn’t mince words. ...
  • Golden Ear Awards 2016: Andre Jennings

    Golden Ear Awards 2016: Andre Jennings

    Phoenix Engineering RoadRunner Tachometer and Eagle PSU $235/$525 The RoadRunner digital tachometer can be used on any ’table to precisely measure the speed in real-time for each rotation of the platter during normal operation. The ...
  • Golden Ear Awards 2016: Jacob Heilbrunn

    Golden Ear Awards 2016: Jacob Heilbrunn

    Transparent Opus Generation 5 $22,000 meter pair (balanced interconnect), $39,000 8' speaker cable Transparent’s reference line of networked interconnects and speaker cables sets a very high bar indeed for sonic performance. It builds upon the ...
  • Women at the New Piano

    Women at the New Piano

    Reference Recordings garnered seven nominations for the 2016 Grammy Awards, including two for Woman at the New Piano. The disc premieres six works written in 2013 by four composers, three of whom, like Shpachenko, live ...

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