• What’s New in Newport Beach

    What’s New in Newport Beach

    Want to have your copy of The Absolute Sound’s Illustrated History of High-End Audio, Volume One: Loudspeakers signed by some of the greatest loudspeaker designers in the world? Read on to find out more! The ...
  • OPPO Releases HA-1 Headphone Amplifier

    OPPO Releases HA-1 Headphone Amplifier

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – May 7, 2014 – Shortly after the successful launch of its PM-1 planar magnetic headphones, OPPO Digital (www.oppodigital.com) released another member of its family of personal audio products today – the ...
  • TAS Book Signing at AXPONA

    TAS Book Signing at AXPONA

    If you were one of the more than 3,500 attendees at this year’s AXPONA 2014, we hope that you had a great show. We hope you had an opportunity to stop by The Absolute Sound’s ...
  • AURALiC Debuts ARIES Streamer Bridge

    AURALiC Debuts ARIES Streamer Bridge

    Munich HIGHEND Show, May 15-18, 2014 -- Following AURALiC's CES 2014 introduction of its Lightning Streaming technology, the industry's first whole-house, high-resolution streaming solution that supports both Double-Rate DSD and DXD, the company is now ...
  • HiFiMAN Launches HE-560 Headphone

    HiFiMAN Launches HE-560 Headphone

    Newark DE, April 28 2014 -– HiFiMAN, a leading designer/manufacturer of high performance headphones and portable audio products, announced their newest full-size planar magnetic headphone, the HE-560, intended for reference use in the home or ...
  • Soulution 560 DAC Release

    Soulution 560 DAC Release

    April 17, 2014 - At Highend 2014 in Munich we will launch the new soulution 560 D/A-Converter. Top class digital-to-analog converters followed by preamplifier grade output stages transform every detail of the digital source material ...
  • Introducing the QKOIL QK1

    Introducing the QKOIL QK1

    April 9, 2014: Nordost has recently released the newest addition to their line of power products: the QK1. The QKOIL is the entry level product in the QRT range, a family of modular, non-intrusive devices ...
  • OPPO Introduces Planar Magnetic Headphones

    OPPO Introduces Planar Magnetic Headphones

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – April 2, 2014 – OPPO Digital, a renowned manufacturer of high performance universal Blu-ray Disc players, introduced its family of planar magnetic headphones today. The introduction of the new OPPO planar ...

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