• Dynaudio Evidence Platinum

    Dynaudio Evidence Platinum

    Planar loudspeakers have always held a particular allure for me. They tend to be big and deliver an equivalent sound. But it’s also the case that they are speedy, low in coloration, and, not to ...
  • JansZen zA2.1 Loudspeaker

    JansZen zA2.1 Loudspeaker

    I suppose everyone has the dream. After a long day at an audio show, somewhere down that last corridor, suddenly there is a speaker that transcends all that went before, that gives the audio analog ...
  • Wilson Alexia Loudspeaker

    Wilson Alexia Loudspeaker

    Being an audiophile means living in a constant state of hope. Hope about improvements in the quality of musical performances, in the quality of recordings, and in the media used to provide them. Hope for ...
  • Bud Fried Tower Loudspeaker

    Bud Fried Tower Loudspeaker

    The late Irving “Bud” Fried (1920–2005) blazed a trail through high-end audio’s formative years, first as an importer of classic British gear and later, starting in the 1970s, as a manufacturer of transmission line (TL) ...
  • A New Wilson Video: Alexandria XLF at RMAF

    A New Wilson Video: Alexandria XLF at RMAF

    At this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Wilson Audio demonstrated the system that represents their state-of-the-art: Alexandria XLF supported by two Thor’s Hammer Subwoofers. With program material including DSD transfers of some of Dave Wilson’s ...
  • Announcing the Magico S3

    Announcing the Magico S3

    November 4, 2013 - Magico, the leader in high performance loudspeaker design and manufacture, is proud to announce the expansion of its award winning SSeries with the addition of the S3. The S3 is a ...
  • Magneplanar Super MMG System

    Magneplanar Super MMG System

    Many of my encounters with Magnepan loudspeakers predate my high-end audio writing by many years. Even now the instant I hear a Maggie system I’m transported back as if by time machine to the late ...
  • RMAF 2013 Loudspeakers Under $20k

    RMAF 2013 Loudspeakers Under $20k

    I bet you didn’t know that Jonathan Valin played football. I’m pretty sure he was a linebacker, actually. Why? Because I hadn’t even stepped out of the van from the airport before he tackled me. ...

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