• Farewell from OPPO

    Farewell from OPPO

    The following is a press release issued by OPPO. April 4, 2018 - It has been 14 years since we established OPPO Digital in the United States, and with the support of our customers, technical ...
  • Judee Sill: Heart Food

    Judee Sill: Heart Food

    Prostitution, drug addiction, and armed robbery were part of Judee Sill’s world before the folk singer-songwriter released two albums on Asylum in the early 1970s. Her demons were never permanently exorcised, and she died of ...
  • The Return Of The Legends

    The Return Of The Legends

    The following is a press release issued by Hi-Fi Sales of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. March 28, 2018 - In less than two years, Technics has gone from re-entry into the Two Channel market to ...
  • Modern Jazz Quartet: Pyramid

    Modern Jazz Quartet: Pyramid

    This pristine vinyl reissue of MJQ’s 1960 Pyramid will be welcomed by all who value the most exalted productions of midcentury-modern artistry. It’s also an ideal demonstration of what made the group—here just the four ...
  • MarkAudio-Sota Cesti B Loudspeaker

    MarkAudio-Sota Cesti B Loudspeaker

    My first encounter with MarkAudio-Sota loudspeakers occurred at the LA Audio Show last June. I liked what I heard, even under the less-than-optimal show conditions, and I left with two observations. First, the models on ...

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