• Dave Brubeck Quartet: Time Further Out

    Dave Brubeck Quartet: Time Further Out

    Two years after the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s ground- and time-signature breaking Time Out (1959), this classic quartet (Brubeck, piano, Paul Desmond, alto sax, Eugene Wright, bass, and Joe Morello, drums) would continue its jazz experiments ...
  • Ellington: Indigos

    Ellington: Indigos

    First released in 1962, Ellington Indigos finds the maestro and his impeccable orchestra in a low-key, nocturnal mood. “Solitude” begins with Ellington’s quietly introspective solo, but when his band jumps in a huge grin will ...
  • Gil Evans: Out of the Cool

    Gil Evans: Out of the Cool

    Goldenote, the Italian audio firm known for its Demidoff integrated amp, Stibbert Black Pearl CD player, and Tuscany Signature cartridge, has launched the DOXY record label dedicated to a pair of ongoing reissue series. The ...
  • Andrew Hill: Point Of Departure

    Andrew Hill: Point Of Departure

    Andrew Hill’s funky yet lyrical piano playing and intricately beautiful compositions seized the attentions of Blue Note’s Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff. The pair recorded material for four LPs before the first, Black Fire, was ...
  • Ella and Duke at The Cote D'Azur

    Ella and Duke at The Cote D'Azur

    In 1966 Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington travelled to Antibes for a four-night stint that was recorded and released as two separate titles: Ella & Duke at The Cote D’Azur, which juxtaposes tunes between them—with ...
  • Exposure 3010S2 Mono Power Amplifier

    Exposure 3010S2 Mono Power Amplifier

    Back in 2008 I wrote very favorably about a CD player and integrated amplifier from Exposure’s 3010S Series. These components fell into the highly competitive mid-$2000 price range, which is reachable by most non-one-percenters and ...
  • Anthony Wilson: Campo Belo

    Anthony Wilson: Campo Belo

    Composer and guitarist Anthony Wilson has a probing musical curiosity. He’s a longtime cornerstone of Diana Krall’s quartet; his composition Virgo was commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and debuted in 2008; and we named ...
  • Personal Fave Lists (Recordings)

    Personal Fave Lists (Recordings)

    Let’s get this out of the way right now. Terrific as they are, this list won’t include Hendrix’s extraordinary retooling of “All Along The Watchtower,” The Byrds’ jingle-jangly “Mr. Tambourine Man,” or Joan Baez’s sublime ...

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