• Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: No Help Coming

    Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: No Help Coming

    London-born, Georgia-dwelling Holly Golightly (not a pseudonym—her mother was a Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan) has made some 30 albums in various incarnations. No Help Coming is the fourth with her strychnine-voiced, multi-instrumentalist Texas-bred partner known ...
  • Imelda May: Mayhem

    Imelda May: Mayhem

    Its heyday had about the lifespan of a mayfly but rockabilly has had a habit of cropping up in slightly altered form throughout every rock ’n’ roll era. Ireland’s fetching cool kitty Imelda May Higham ...
  • Samantha Fish: Runaway

    Samantha Fish: Runaway

    Hailing from Kansas City, 23-year-old Samantha Fish is the latest in an emerging generation of young female blues singers- songwriters-guitarists who learned their blues from Muddy Waters and Stevie Ray Vaughan and their songwriting angles ...
  • Maria Muldaur: Steady Love

    Maria Muldaur: Steady Love

    On her stomping “Soulful Dress,” Maria Muldaur sings that ”I’ll be at my best when I put on my soulful dress.” Her enticing, smoky-voiced boast about how appealing she is in a certain figure-flattering garment ...
  • Lisa Mills: Tempered In Fire

    Lisa Mills: Tempered In Fire

    Lisa Mills is best known as a blues singer-songwriter in Europe and from Austin east to Florida, where she works a regular circuit of clubs and festivals across the Gulf Coast states. But if she ...
  • Ian Tyson: Raven Singer

    Ian Tyson: Raven Singer

    An alluring Canadian cowgirl whose mastery of buckin’ broncs defines her life; a fruitless sabbatical to Morocco in hopes of healing a broken heart; a quest to reunite with a paramour in Baja’s sunny climes; ...
  • The Chieftains: Voice of Ages

    The Chieftains: Voice of Ages

    God bless the Chieftains for a half century of stirring, even daring, music in a traditional Irish framework—no matter the collaborators, Paddy Maloney makes sure the end results are distinctly, evocatively resonant of the ould ...
  • Steep Canyon Rangers: Nobody Knows You

    Steep Canyon Rangers: Nobody Knows You

    North Carolina’s Steep Canyon Rangers hit pay dirt last year teaming with Steve Martin for the chart-topping Rare Bird Alert. Now the quintet returns sans Martin and stronger than ever. The literate songwriting of ace ...
  • Willie Nelson: Remember Me, Vol.1

    Willie Nelson: Remember Me, Vol.1

    Those Willie Nelson critics who bait the red-headed stranger for coasting too much as a recording artist will regard Remember Me, Vol. 1 as prima facie evidence. Granted, he could use a bit more glide ...
  • Levee Town: Pages of Paperwork

    Levee Town: Pages of Paperwork

    Coming out of a resurgent Kansas City blues scene, Levee Town is a basic, unrelenting quartet with a powerhouse guitarist in Brandon Hudspeth, an inspired harmonica master in Jimmie Meade, and a right-on-the-money rhythm section ...
  • Kentucky Headhunters Dixie Lullabies

    Kentucky Headhunters Dixie Lullabies

    Ever wonder why no one ever sings anymore about the budget delights of Boone’s Farm wine? Especially the strawberry flavored kind? Well the Kentucky Headhunters haven’t forgotten the small pleasures and cheap thrills that make ...
  • Carolyn Wonderland: Peace Meal

    Carolyn Wonderland: Peace Meal

    Co-produced with a roaring, richly textured sonic backdrop by Ray Benson, Larry Campbell, and Mike Nesmith, Peace Meal finally captures on disc all the fire, fury, and soulfulness of Texas blues dynamo Carolyn Wonderland’s live ...

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