• VTL Siegfried and Wilson XLF

    VTL Siegfried and Wilson XLF

    This past weekend Luke Manley and Bea Lam, who head the VTL company located in Chino, CA, visited me to listen to their flagship amplifier on the Wilson XLF. Together with VTL’s 7.5 Series III ...
  •  A Blue Note Celebration

    A Blue Note Celebration

    Blue Note records is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. To help mark it, Ron Rambach of MusicMatters is remastering, together with Kevin Gray, twenty-five Blue Note albums at 33rpm, to accompany the numerous ones ...
  • The Stillpoints Experience

    The Stillpoints Experience

    When I recently called Stillpoints’ Bruce Jacobs to inquire about trying some of his Ultra isolation feet, he asked, “Are these for review or for personal audition? Because you’re not going to want to take ...
  • Dynaudio Evidence Platinum

    Dynaudio Evidence Platinum

    Planar loudspeakers have always held a particular allure for me. They tend to be big and deliver an equivalent sound. But it’s also the case that they are speedy, low in coloration, and, not to ...
  • Furutech DeMag LP Demagnetizer

    Furutech DeMag LP Demagnetizer

    The notion that one can “demagnetize” LPs is certain to raise the hackles of certain members of the audio community. “What’s to demagnetize?” the skeptics will scoff. Well, according to Furutech, the carbon employed to ...
  • Classé Audio CP-800

    Classé Audio CP-800

    On a visit to Chicago this fall, I had the good fortune to attend a concert at Orchestra Hall given by the marvelous pianist Murray Perahia, whose performances over the decades are being released by ...
  • Audience Au24 SE Phono Cable

    Audience Au24 SE Phono Cable

    John McDonald is the president of the Audience Company, which produces a variety of products ranging from loudspeakers to power conditioners that have consistently garnered favorable notices over the past fifteen years. But it seems ...

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