• A Visit From Nick Doshi

    A Visit From Nick Doshi

    The high-end consists of manufacturers large and small. Nick Doshi, who lives in Virginia, belongs to the latter category. A former recording engineer, he now works at radio and television stations located in Washington, DC. ...
  • 2014 Golden Ear Awards: Jacob Heilbrunn

    2014 Golden Ear Awards: Jacob Heilbrunn

    Boulder 2150 Monoblock Amplifier$96,000/pr. The Boulder 2150 monoblock amplifier is an engineering marvel. It offers a smooth, seductive, and powerful sound that places it in the very highest echelon of solid-state amplification, perhaps superseded only ...
  • Capital Audio Fest 2014

    Capital Audio Fest 2014

    The Capital Audio Fest seems to progressing nicely. This year there were crowded rooms, palpable excitement, and, not least, good sound. Several demos caught my eye. As always United Home Audio featured excellent sound via ...
  • A Visit From the Batmen

    A Visit From the Batmen

    It’s been quite a few years, more than I might care to remember in fact, since a Balanced Audio Technology piece of equipment landed in my listening room. But since I’ve been something on a ...
  • VTL Siegfried and Wilson XLF

    VTL Siegfried and Wilson XLF

    This past weekend Luke Manley and Bea Lam, who head the VTL company located in Chino, CA, visited me to listen to their flagship amplifier on the Wilson XLF. Together with VTL’s 7.5 Series III ...
  •  A Blue Note Celebration

    A Blue Note Celebration

    Blue Note records is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. To help mark it, Ron Rambach of MusicMatters is remastering, together with Kevin Gray, twenty-five Blue Note albums at 33rpm, to accompany the numerous ones ...
  • The Stillpoints Experience

    The Stillpoints Experience

    When I recently called Stillpoints’ Bruce Jacobs to inquire about trying some of his Ultra isolation feet, he asked, “Are these for review or for personal audition? Because you’re not going to want to take ...
  • Dynaudio Evidence Platinum

    Dynaudio Evidence Platinum

    Planar loudspeakers have always held a particular allure for me. They tend to be big and deliver an equivalent sound. But it’s also the case that they are speedy, low in coloration, and, not to ...

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