• First Look: Dali Mentor Menuet

    First Look: Dali Mentor Menuet

    This little sweetheart measures a mere 10 inches and nearly the same deep but it’s another beauty from a company that takes the prosaic wood enclosure and with a couple curves and bevels and flourishes ...
  • PMC DB1i Loudspeaker (TAS 198)

    PMC DB1i Loudspeaker (TAS 198)

    Professional Monitor Company or PMC is the U.K.-based loudspeaker firm that has been internationally heralded for the big active systems it designs for the pro market—systems for film- and sound-recording studios as well as broadcast ...
  • RMAF Day 2: Saying Yes To Nola

    RMAF Day 2: Saying Yes To Nola

    In the large speaker ranks the name Nola needs little introduction. Open baffle designs like its Baby Grand always attract a great deal of interest. Music is reproduced on such a transparent and impactful scale ...
  • First Look!! PMC DB1i Loudspeaker

    First Look!! PMC DB1i Loudspeaker

    The smallest entry in PMC’s eight model i Series, the two-way DB1i is also affectionately known as the “dinky box”. I’ve heard a great many petite speakers over the years from the original Proac Tablettes, ...
  • TESTED: Totem Acoustic The One Loudspeaker

    TESTED: Totem Acoustic The One Loudspeaker

    Though it may not rank with true blood sports—such as politics and filmmaking—specialty audio manufacturing is nevertheless one rough game. Knowing this, however, has never discouraged hopeful newcomers, who, despite the high end’s marginalized status ...
  • CES Day 1: Two Great Loudspeakers

    CES Day 1: Two Great Loudspeakers

    A few years ago I was impressed by the mighty little Amphion Ion, an Arctic white, desktop-size mini-monitor of extraordinary transparency. This was the first CES that I was able to experience Amphion’s flagship entry, ...
  • EXOTICA: MAGICO Mini Loudspeaker

    EXOTICA: MAGICO Mini Loudspeaker

    Israeli-American designer Alon Wolf’s MAGICO Mini—the speaker that so impressed me, RH, HP, WG, and just about everyone else who heard it at this past CES—is a compact, stand-mounted, two-way mini-monitor that costs $22,000. At ...
  • 2nd Rethm Loudspeaker

    2nd Rethm Loudspeaker

    Although my parents were musicians, they were totally uninterested in the technology of music reproduction. But even as a child I was obsessed with audio, and I would not take no for an answer over ...

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