• NuPrime IDA-8 Integrated Amplifier

    NuPrime IDA-8 Integrated Amplifier

    When the NuPrime IDA-8 integrated amplifier first arrived at my home, I immediately had a good feeling about it. Initially, that positive impression was based on its packaging. The outer shipping box the amp came ...
  • AXPONA 2016: Electronics $20k and Up

    AXPONA 2016: Electronics $20k and Up

    Most Significant New Debuts Aesthetix Atlas Mono Eclipse Amplifier Musical Surroundings debuted its 300-watt Aesthetix Atlas Mono Eclipse amplifiers ($25k/pr.). After being teased by their appearances in static displays—at this year’s CES, for one—it was ...
  • GEM Dandy PolyTable

    GEM Dandy PolyTable

    Don’t let its unusual looks fool you. Ditto its odd name. Deceptively simple in design and eminently user-friendly, this belt-driven turntable was created for those who want to purchase a quality analog source without breaking ...
  • HiFiMAN HE400S

    HiFiMAN HE400S

    If you’re into planar-magnetic headphones but thought power requirements and price limitations might put the damper on a purchase, think again. The smart hi-fi men at HiFiMAN have figured out how to deliver the sonic ...
  • CES 2016: Electronics $15k and Up

    CES 2016: Electronics $15k and Up

    Five Best-Sounding Systems and Debuts: Constellation Hercules II electronics and MartinLogan Neolith electrostatic hybrid loudspeakers While I was duly impressed by the sound of these gorgeous red MartinLogan Neolith hybrid electrostats ($80k/pr.) powered by Constellation’s ...
  • PS Audio Sprout

    PS Audio Sprout

    Call it love at first sight. Simply put, I adored this little integrated amp from PS Audio straight out of the box. From its wonderfully compact size—slightly larger than a chunky paperback bestseller—to the look ...
  • Focal Aria 948

    Focal Aria 948

    If I had to choose a single term to summarize my experience with the Focal Aria 948, it would be “detail.” And, as I will explain, this descriptor encompasses different forms and senses of the ...

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