• Golden Ear Awards 2016: Jacob Heilbrunn

    Golden Ear Awards 2016: Jacob Heilbrunn

    Transparent Opus Generation 5 $22,000 meter pair (balanced interconnect), $39,000 8' speaker cable Transparent’s reference line of networked interconnects and speaker cables sets a very high bar indeed for sonic performance. It builds upon the ...
  • BAT VK-P12SE Phonostage

    BAT VK-P12SE Phonostage

    One of my more memorable recent audio experiences was listening for several months to the Balanced Audio Technology Rex II preamplifier and Rex 160-watt monoblock amplifiers. For one thing, the amps simply looked and sounded ...
  • Sonus faber Lilium Loudspeaker

    Sonus faber Lilium Loudspeaker

    Northern Italian loudspeaker manufacturer Sonus faber made quite a splash with its statement Aida loudspeaker a few years ago. If I recall correctly my TAS colleague Neil Gader ventured all the way from Los Angeles ...
  • 2015 RMAF Show Report – Analog

    2015 RMAF Show Report – Analog

    Reflections The most shocking development at this year’s 2015 show wasn’t that LPs were back—it was the black disc’s utter dominance. “Analog gone wild” might be the motto for the audio fest. Room after room ...
  • Golden Ear Awards 2015: Jacob Heilbrunn

    Golden Ear Awards 2015: Jacob Heilbrunn

    Vienna Acoustics Liszt Loudspeaker$15,000 The Liszt loudspeaker, which is the brainchild of well-known Austrian designer Peter Gansterer, features proprietary flat-spider-cone technology and a modified first-order crossover. The dual-vented-cavity bass drivers operate in their own cabinet ...
  • Swedish Neutrality: SAT Tonearm

    Swedish Neutrality: SAT Tonearm

    Tonearm specialist and engineer extraordinaire Marc Gomez, who was born in Barcelona in 1972, is a relative newcomer to the high-end scene. About a decade ago, he began haunting used record shops and amassed a ...

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