• Monarchy Audio NM24 DAC Preamplifier

    Monarchy Audio NM24 DAC Preamplifier

    You should know that my close encounter with the Monarchy NM24 DAC was not a random occurrence, but rather the result of a conscious choice driven by specific selection criteria—basically, a couple of factors that ...
  • Jadis DPMC Phono Preamplifier

    Jadis DPMC Phono Preamplifier

    Situated in the petite village of Villedubert in the south of France, the Jadis factory is literally far off the beaten track. According to designer JC Calmettes, Villedubert is a wonderful, quiet place, where air, ...
  • Ayon Stealth DAC/Preamplifier

    Ayon Stealth DAC/Preamplifier

    What’s in a model name? Well, sometimes not much at all when it’s merely an arbitrary numerical designation and a potential source of confusion for my slightly dyslexic mind. On the other hand, Ayon’s choice ...
  • German Physiks Unlimited II Loudspeaker

    German Physiks Unlimited II Loudspeaker

    Lincoln Walsh isn’t exactly a household name in audiophile circles, but he literally turned driver design on its head in the early 1960s with his revolutionary bending-wave transducer. The Walsh driver looked like a giant ...
  • Octave Audio V110 Integrated Amplifier

    Octave Audio V110 Integrated Amplifier

    Boasting a distinctly musical name, Octave Audio, headquartered in Karlsbad, Germany, has established a fine reputation for high-end tube electronics in the company’s home market since its founding in the mid-1980s. Its recent transition to ...
  • Bud Fried Tower Loudspeaker

    Bud Fried Tower Loudspeaker

    The late Irving “Bud” Fried (1920–2005) blazed a trail through high-end audio’s formative years, first as an importer of classic British gear and later, starting in the 1970s, as a manufacturer of transmission line (TL) ...

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