• HiFi Buys Guys Night Out

    HiFi Buys Guys Night Out

    The following is a press release issued by HiFi Buys. <font face="Tahoma">March 13, 2019 - May 16, 2019 from 6-9pm, t</font>he 4th Annual HiFi Buys Guy's Night Out is an evening for the connoisseur of ...
  • Graham Engineering Phantom III Tonearm

    Graham Engineering Phantom III Tonearm

    Graham Engineering has been making tonearms since the mid-80s. Throughout that time, company founder and designer Bob Graham has been refining his designs for better performance. After starting with the original unipivots (the Excalibur and ...
  • Keith Jarrett: La Fenice

    Keith Jarrett: La Fenice

    How many Keith Jarrett solo piano concert albums you need depends on the magnitude of your fascination with Jarrett’s Taoist-like ability to go with the flow. Since the landmark mid-70s Solo Concerts: Bremen/Lausanne and The ...
  • 2018 Products of the Year: Amplifiers

    2018 Products of the Year: Amplifiers

    Integrated Amplifiers of the Year Constellation Inspiration Integrated 1.0 $13,500 The firm’s most affordable effort and the third entry in Constellation’s Inspiration Series, the 100Wpc Integrated 1.0 has the sonic character of a “control” amp ...
  • Monitor Audio Studio Loudspeaker

    Monitor Audio Studio Loudspeaker

    It’s easy to love beautiful things. I believe we all know this, whether it’s comfortable to admit or not. It’s why our culture obsesses over youth and attractiveness. It’s why I spend too much time ...
  • Vivaldi in Venice

    Vivaldi in Venice

    Let me say it up front, Vivaldi in Venice is one of the most gorgeous sounding and exquisitely played LPs I’ve heard in quite some time. Adding yet another fine title to its impressive young ...
  • Wilson Benesch Resolution

    Wilson Benesch Resolution

    If you live with a speaker for a while, as Wilson Benesch was gracious enough to allow me to do with its new Resolution towers, one of two things happens. Either the speaker’s flaws become ...

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