• Three New DSD-Capable DACs

    Three New DSD-Capable DACs

    During the years that J. Gordon Holt and I made recordings together he often complained about the lack of “pro” audio gear being reviewed in consumer audio publications. Many times he found a particular piece ...
  • Sony Backs Hi-Res Audio Big Time

    Sony Backs Hi-Res Audio Big Time

    At a highly-promoted September 4 press conference in New York City, Sony unveiled a multi-pronged strategy to “deliver hi-res digital to a broader audience”. Sony’s explanation for wanting to do so would be self-evident to ...
  • Meridian Explorer USB DAC

    Meridian Explorer USB DAC

    When I think of British digital electronics, the first name that comes to mind is Meridian. Designers of complete digital systems from transports to fully active DSP- controlled loudspeakers, it makes products that are exquisite, ...
  • Meridian Introduces the Director DAC

    Meridian Introduces the Director DAC

    August 5, 2013 - Meridian has announced the introduction of Director, a high-quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) designed to deliver superior audio performance from digital sources such as media players, CD players and computers. ...
  • iFi iDAC, iCAN, and iUSBPower

    iFi iDAC, iCAN, and iUSBPower

    Ever hear of iFi Audio? Me neither. But at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, there was a quartet of miniature products bearing the iFi logo in the Avatar Acoustics room. Darren Censullo, head honcho ...
  • Newport 2013

    Newport 2013

    Located directly across the street from the John Wayne Airport, the Newport Audio show would have done the Duke proud. Spirits were high, old hands abounded, and a few greenhorns showed up to sample the ...
  • MIT Announces New StyleLink USB Cables

    MIT Announces New StyleLink USB Cables

    May 10, 2013 - MIT Cables is pleased to announce the release of two new high-performance USB cables for the computer audiophile, StyleLink Digital and StyleLink Digital Plus. Part of the new StyleLine family of ...

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