• Aragon 8008 Power Amplifier

    Aragon 8008 Power Amplifier

    Everybody likes a good comeback story. Well, they don’t write them any better than the Aragon 8008 amplifier. The company that immortalized the offbeat, V-notch heat sink has returned. Dating back to the distant 1990s, ...
  • The Swiss Audio Juggernaut

    The Swiss Audio Juggernaut

    TAS has never done an in-depth examination of a geographic region that figures prominently in the world of audio, but it’s about time. America is fascinating for its entrepreneurial spirit and a business ecosystem that ...
  • Electronics $15k and Up at CES 2014: Part 1

    Electronics $15k and Up at CES 2014: Part 1

    The high-end’s annual January bacchanal, better known as CES has weathered all sorts of setbacks over the years–from global recessions, foreign competition, even MP3. This winter we learned the meaning of the meteorological phenomenon known ...
  • Pass Labs X350.5 Stereo Amplifier

    Pass Labs X350.5 Stereo Amplifier

    The following quote has been incorrectly attributed to Nelson Pass, founder of Pass Laboratories: “Listening to my amplifiers is like listening to tubes, but without the hassle.” Someone else may have said it, but Pass ...
  • AVM SA8 Power Amplifier

    AVM SA8 Power Amplifier

    When I begin by saying the AVM SA8 stereo amplifier is a difficult product to review, it is not for the usual reasons. The AVM SA8 did not present any performance problems during several weeks ...
  • Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013: Part 4

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013: Part 4

    Merrill Audio Veritas monoblocks ($12,000/pr) were driving the TAD Evolution 1 loudspeakers using a Macmini computer running Channel D Pure Vinyl into a Lynx Hilo ADC/DAC via Thunderbolt connection. These fully balanced amps are based ...

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