• AXPONA 2013 - Part 4

    AXPONA 2013 - Part 4

    For a vendor, an audio show is an expensive thing. There’s several thousand dollars they put out for the demo space, there’s the shipping and handling, the room and board, and the opportunity costs associated ...
  • AXPONA 2013 - Part 3

    AXPONA 2013 - Part 3

    I read too much, I think that’s fairly clear. Which might explain why, when a fire alarm goes off in a crowded hotel anywhere near Chicago, my first thought isn’t “grease fire over at Gibsons”. ...
  • Robert Harley on AXPONA Chicago

    Robert Harley on AXPONA Chicago

    The Chicago AXPONA show was a bit of a gamble—as is any first show in a city—but this is one gamble that paid off. The Doubletree Hotel at O’Hare airport featured many fine-sounding exhibits, excellent ...
  • AXPONA 2013 - Part 2

    AXPONA 2013 - Part 2

    Apropos of nothing in particular, let’s change things up a bit: what do you know about analog tape? The answer in my case is a solid “not much” – but I’m learning. Why? Well, mainly ...
  • AXPONA Chicago 2013

    AXPONA Chicago 2013

    Not since 1994, when the Summer CES stopped camping out yearly along Michigan Avenue and Lake Shore Drive, has the Windy City played annual host to a large high-end audio show. That situation will certainly ...
  • AXPONA 2013 - Part 1

    AXPONA 2013 - Part 1

    Chicago … in March. Really. Is it just me? Turns out, as my completely scientific survey of 5 randomly overheard conversations in a hotel elevator confirms, that there was quite a lot of head-scratching going ...
  • GamuT D200i Stereo Power Amplifier

    GamuT D200i Stereo Power Amplifier

    GamuT Audio, a Danish company, has recently established a U.S. subsidiary for North American distribution, headquartered in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. After what seemed like some fits and starts with a North American presence a while back, ...
  • Exposure 3010S2 Mono Power Amplifier

    Exposure 3010S2 Mono Power Amplifier

    Back in 2008 I wrote very favorably about a CD player and integrated amplifier from Exposure’s 3010S Series. These components fell into the highly competitive mid-$2000 price range, which is reachable by most non-one-percenters and ...
  • Soulution 501 Monoblock Amplifier: First Listen

    Soulution 501 Monoblock Amplifier: First Listen

    The $26,000 Soulution 520 full-function preamplifier and $55,000-per-pair 501 monoblock amplifiers are terrific. Sweet in timbre, incredibly fast, and sensationally detailed from top to bottom, they match the superlative Technical Brain EX and Constellation Performance ...

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