• CES Day 1: Two Great Loudspeakers

    CES Day 1: Two Great Loudspeakers

    A few years ago I was impressed by the mighty little Amphion Ion, an Arctic white, desktop-size mini-monitor of extraordinary transparency. This was the first CES that I was able to experience Amphion’s flagship entry, ...
  • Topping My Xmas Playlist

    Topping My Xmas Playlist

    I may be a day late and dollar short in recommending a holiday album for the Christmas season but here goes. Five-time Grammy Award winning folk/pop singer-songwriter Mary Chapin-Carpenter who for twenty years has been ...
  • Shaken & Stirred: Part 2

    Shaken & Stirred: Part 2

    To recap: The Aston Martin DBS (aka, the James Bond car) that I enjoyed on two-day loan was delivered with a Bang & Olufsen sound system, customized for the DBS cabin. It’s a 13 speaker ...
  • Dynaudio Audience 72SE Loudspeaker

    Dynaudio Audience 72SE Loudspeaker

    Dynaudio is a company that leaves nothing to chance. Whereas others lean heavily on subcontractors for fabrication and construction, it is a virtual soup-to-nuts operation—from the conceptual stages to the last strip of packing tape. ...
  • REL Britannia B3 Subwoofer

    REL Britannia B3 Subwoofer

    REL Acoustics designs and constructs subwoofers of serious intent. It faithfully hews to the high end’s original mission statement for subs—to reproduce music’s bottom octave, the region that extends to 20Hz or lower. [1] The ...
  • NAD Masters Series M3 Integrated Amplifier

    NAD Masters Series M3 Integrated Amplifier

    Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t admire and respect NAD electronics? For decades they’ve been the gold standard for “budget” high-end audio, combining brick-solid engineering, clean execution, and performance to burn. And therein lies ...
  • ProAc Studio 140 Loudspeaker

    ProAc Studio 140 Loudspeaker

    When ProAc released the original Tablette in 1979, it was the kind of breakthrough product that challenged conventional wisdom about minispeaker performance. Designed by Stewart Tyler, the Tablette (iterations of the original continue to this ...

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