• New Turntables from $1295 to $10K

    New Turntables from $1295 to $10K

    A lot of exotic turntables were shown at CES 2009. However, there were several new 'tables of note that won't break the bank and promise to offer real sonic value. Following are the most significant ...
  • CES 2009: Turntable Lust Part I

    CES 2009: Turntable Lust Part I

    Ultra-high-end turntable systems helped produce some of the finest sounds of the show. The use of magnetic suspension to float platters, magnetic drive, twelve-inch arms, exotic materials, sophisticated stands to isolate ‘tables from structural resonances ...
  • Marantz TT-15S Turntable

    Marantz TT-15S Turntable

    Vinyl sound is somehow natural. This intrinsic naturalness means that even relatively inexpensive vinyl playback systems can sound, if not perfect, at least very musically convincing. A case in point is the Marantz TT-15S Reference ...
  • Thorens TD 190-1 Turntable System

    Thorens TD 190-1 Turntable System

    When audiophiles hear the words "automatic turntable," they are quite likely to turn up their noses. Rightly or wrongly, most automatic turntables are associated with "mid-fi" gear. Yet, before the advent of CDs, I suspect ...
  • TW Acustic Raven AC-3 Turntable

    TW Acustic Raven AC-3 Turntable

    Alongside the $40,000 Walker Black Diamond record player, the $18,000 TW Acustic Raven AC-3 turntable with $4300 Graham Phantom tonearm is the best source component I’ve auditioned—and far and away the most voluptuous sounding. Indeed, ...
  • Clearaudio Performance Turntable

    Clearaudio Performance Turntable

    Floating the platter of a turntable on a cushion of air has been an approach used by some designers of high-performance turntables to reduce bearing friction, improve speed stability and isolation, and lower the noise ...
  • SME Model 30/2 Turntable

    SME Model 30/2 Turntable

    Good, better, best. A logical lead for this review, I thought, pleased with my cleverness. I may be the only audio critic who has formally reviewed all three SME turntables— in the same system and ...

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