• B&W CM6 S2 Loudspeaker

    B&W CM6 S2 Loudspeaker

    There seems to be two camps of loudspeaker aficionados: those who swear by floorstanders, and those who swear by stand-mount speakers. I’ve been on both sides at various times in my life, mainly because of ...
  • Bryston Introduces Mini A Loudspeaker

    Bryston Introduces Mini A Loudspeaker

    Peterborough, Ontario February 26, 2015 — Bryston has announced the introduction of the Mini A loudspeaker, a high-performance three-way bookshelf speaker engineered for superb resolution and balanced off-axis response—a hallmark of all Bryston loudspeaker models. ...
  • MartinLogan Motion 35XT Loudspeaker

    MartinLogan Motion 35XT Loudspeaker

    I first encountered the MartinLogan Motion 35XT at the California Audio Show in San Francisco last September, and my ears perked up immediately. Even under the less than ideal show conditions, these stand-mounted compacts were ...
  • AXPONA 2015

    AXPONA 2015

    Once the Windy City’s snow thaws each year (and this year’s snowfall was a record!), it means that the annual AXPONA high-end audio event, slated for April 24–26, is right around the corner. AXPONA, an ...
  • Peter McGrath, Recording Engineer

    Peter McGrath, Recording Engineer

    Where did the high-end journey begin for you? It began in Panama in the late 1950s. An importer in South America was the distributor for Quad mono electronics and Tannoy loudspeakers. He also had a ...
  • CES 2015: Speakers $20,000 and Under

    CES 2015: Speakers $20,000 and Under

    It’s just not fair. Designers of expensive speakers get to use diamond-studded drivers enshrouded in mu-metal, solid-aluminum, or molded-marble enclosures. But if you’re building a speaker that will retail at $20k or less, those headstarts ...

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