• 2017 Golden Ear Awards: Vade Forrester

    2017 Golden Ear Awards: Vade Forrester

    Rotel A14 integrated amplifier/DAC $1299 The astronomical prices of some current gear can overshadow the increasing number of moderately priced components that produce really enjoyable sound. Today’s sources include a number of digital and wireless ...
  • Ry Cooder: Paradise and Lunch

    Ry Cooder: Paradise and Lunch

    It’s like a postcard from Weird Old America. Working with compositional sources as diverse as Burt Bacharach (“Mexican Divorce”) and Blind Willie McTell (“Married Man’s a Fool”), roots-rock guitarist Ry Cooder stitches a folksy quilt ...
  • The Politics of MQA

    The Politics of MQA

    The codec known as MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is clearly in its ascendancy. The Big Three record labels have signed on, Tidal is streaming hundreds of MQA-encoded albums, and there’s a steadily expanding amount of ...
  • Craft Recordings

    Craft Recordings

    Craft Recordings is an ambitious new reissue label for Concord Bicycle Music. Considering how much music Concord has access to, that’s worth noting, especially because Craft Recordings promises thoughtfully-curated projects and high production standards. With ...
  • Syzygy Acoustics SLF870 Subwoofer

    Syzygy Acoustics SLF870 Subwoofer

    All Syzygy Acoustics’ subwoofers make subwoofing easier by addressing two major problems. First, they eliminate the need for unsightly and expensive interconnect cables, and second, they automatically equalize their output to your room. Syzygy also ...
  • Vaughan Williams: Job. Symphony No. 9

    Vaughan Williams: Job. Symphony No. 9

    Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Job was inspired by a set of early 19th-century illustrations by William Blake. The composer was developing a distinctively English style of ballet, and the music includes aristocratic dance forms from the ...
  • Magico S3 Mk II Loudspeaker

    Magico S3 Mk II Loudspeaker

    When Magico, LLC announced the imminent introduction of the S3 Mk II loudspeaker late last year, it wasn’t exactly shocking news. After all, two other members of Magico’s S Series, the S1 and the S5 ...

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