• Older Ears?

    Older Ears?

    I receiver a reader letter just yesterday asking whether reviewers' judgments can be trusted as they get older. I'll cite two examples of individuals in their 70s who are doing their best work—work that relies ...
  • Why no Blu-ray Music-only Format

    Why no Blu-ray Music-only Format

    The forthcoming Sony BDP-S550 is certainly a breakthrough product that will provide a hardware platform that might spur the release of Blu-ray music titles from specialty labels. I agree that the professional SACD community (record ...
  • Reflections on What’s Best

    Reflections on What’s Best

    What is the best speaker? What is the best amplifier? What is the best preamplifier, phonostage, turntable/tonearm/cartridge? I can tell you what I think I is best for me, given my taste in and experience ...
  • Rocky Mountain High (End)

    Rocky Mountain High (End)

    Although the buzz in advance of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest—a high-end audio extravaganza scheduled for Denver’s Marriott Tech Center in late September 2005—was intense, I wondered if TAS might be gilding the lily a ...
  • Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Notes

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Notes

    Denver: Friday, October 10 will be a day remembered by audiophiles for two things. It was the kickoff for 2008's RMAF, an annual show open to consumers which spot-lights the best and the brightest in ...
  • D-BOX: A New Dimension in Home Theater

    D-BOX: A New Dimension in Home Theater

    In an industrial park just outside Montreal, a company called D-BOX is adding an entirely new dimension to the home-theater experience. D-BOX has invented a technology that translates onscreen movement to motion in your viewing ...

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