• XRCD Redux: Elusive Disc to the Rescue!

    XRCD Redux: Elusive Disc to the Rescue!

    News doesn't get much better than this! Elusive Disc, Inc recently announced its appointment as the exclusive distributor of the JVC XRCD product line for North America. They assumed operations in November of 2006. With ...
  • First Look: Dali Mentor Menuet

    First Look: Dali Mentor Menuet

    This little sweetheart measures a mere 10 inches and nearly the same deep but it’s another beauty from a company that takes the prosaic wood enclosure and with a couple curves and bevels and flourishes ...
  • Neil Gader's Best Of CES

    Neil Gader's Best Of CES

    Best Sound:I heard great sounds from the Wilson Sasha, the refrigerator-like Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate and even the new and smaller two-way YG Carmel. But anchored by the superlative Vandersteen 7 and assisted by Aesthetix electronics, ...
  • Neil Gader's CES Favorites Part I

    Neil Gader's CES Favorites Part I

    The super stealthy Esoteric RZ-1 ($6000) was one of those components I couldn’t get out of my head. It hides its complexity beneath a silver vault-like exterior. Part slot-loaded SACD/CD transport, part integrated amplifier with ...
  • The Beatles Remastered (TAS 198)

    The Beatles Remastered (TAS 198)

    The year was 1987 and digital audio was still emerging unsteadily from its technological Stone Age. Nineteen-eighty-seven was also noteworthy for the highly anticipated, first-ever release of the Beatles catalog on compact disc. Although the ...
  • PMC DB1i Loudspeaker (TAS 198)

    PMC DB1i Loudspeaker (TAS 198)

    Professional Monitor Company or PMC is the U.K.-based loudspeaker firm that has been internationally heralded for the big active systems it designs for the pro market—systems for film- and sound-recording studios as well as broadcast ...
  • Unboxing: Magico V2 Loudspeaker

    Unboxing: Magico V2 Loudspeaker

    After many none-too-sutble hints to colleagues Harley and Valin and a few well placed words to Magico marketing guy Irv Gross, I’ve finally received a pair of Magico’s for review–the 2.5-way V2, a floorstander. They ...

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