• AudioKinesis Swarm Subwoofer System

    AudioKinesis Swarm Subwoofer System

    One of the fundamental problems of audio, arguably the fundamental problem, is how to reproduce lower frequencies correctly—frequencies which are down in the region where the room affects them in really major ways. The Swarm ...
  • Larsen Model 8 Loudspeaker

    Larsen Model 8 Loudspeaker

    John Larsen, the designer of these intriguing and unusual speakers, worked with the late Stig Carlsson for sixteen years until Carlsson’s death, and the Larsen Model 8s are in a sense a continuation of the ...
  • GamuT Superior RS5 Loudpeaker

    GamuT Superior RS5 Loudpeaker

    Now that we are all happily reading—as I hope—The Absolute Sound’s Illustrated History of High End Audio, Volume One: Loudspeakers, it is natural to think of speakers under review in historical context. In capsule form, ...
  •  Eminent Technology LFT-8b Loudspeaker

    Eminent Technology LFT-8b Loudspeaker

    The Eminent Technology LFT-8b is an extraordinary speaker. With full frequency extension at the top (and then some), nearly full extension at the bottom, distortion as low as electrostatics—but lots of dynamic oomph—a discreet, elegant ...
  • JansZen zA2.1 Loudspeaker

    JansZen zA2.1 Loudspeaker

    I suppose everyone has the dream. After a long day at an audio show, somewhere down that last corridor, suddenly there is a speaker that transcends all that went before, that gives the audio analog ...
  • Sony NA2ES Loudspeaker

    Sony NA2ES Loudspeaker

    Sony is a giant of the audio world, dominating large segments of the mass market. But on occasion it also turns its enormous resources toward high-end goals. When it does, the results are always fascinating ...

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