• T+A PA 3000 HV and MP 3000 HV

    T+A PA 3000 HV and MP 3000 HV

    I’ve been testing these two flagship T+A components for longer than any other review equipment in memory—over a year now, on and off. One reason is that they are so fascinating; in some ways they’re ...
  • Questyle QP1R Portable Player

    Questyle QP1R Portable Player

    Although Questyle may be a new name to some audiophiles, the company has been in existence for several years. It combines two complementary operations: Questyle Audio Technology Co. Ltd, China, and Questyle North America Inc., ...
  • Harman’s The Distortion of Sound

    Harman’s The Distortion of Sound

    Card-carrying audiophiles are not infrequently expected to advise civilian acquaintances (that is, non-audiophiles), who are not enjoying reproduced music as much as they could. Not long ago, that meant guiding the poor souls still listening ...
  • David Bowie: Then and Now

    David Bowie: Then and Now

    (Photo Credit Brian Ward) I’ve been trying to figure out why David Bowie’s recent death, at the age of 69, has hit me so hard. Did his music forever shape or alter me? No. Were ...
  • Bryston BDP-2 Digital Player

    Bryston BDP-2 Digital Player

    How time flies when you’re having fun! It hardly seems like four years since my review of Bryston’s BDP-1 Digital Player in issue 215. Since its auspicious debut, the BDP-1 has remained my reference digital ...
  • Aurender W20 Music Server

    Aurender W20 Music Server

    As I describe in this issue’s From The Editor, beneath every music server’s audio-component-like exterior lurks a computer. Do-it-yourself servers based on a Mac or Windows PC make no attempt to hide this fact from ...
  • CES 2016: Digital and Personal Audio

    CES 2016: Digital and Personal Audio

    Just one year ago the high end’s digital scene could best be described as nebulous. Manufacturers weren’t sure where technology was going, what customers were looking for, or how to wrangle those mobile device-toting youngsters ...

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