• KEF LS50 Loudspeaker

    KEF LS50 Loudspeaker

    Some speakers sure know how to make an entrance. They just have a presence when you first encounter them. I know that’s how I felt when I crossed paths with the KEF LS50 a few ...
  • Nola Contender

    Nola Contender

    “And in this corner, standing 44" tall and weighing in at a trim 50 pounds per side is the Nola Contennnnnnnnnn-derrrrrrrrrr!” This playfully pugilistic loudspeaker theme (that I’ve admittedly been exploiting) began with the Nola ...
  • Hegel H300 Integrated Amplifier

    Hegel H300 Integrated Amplifier

    It seems as if Hegel Music Systems, the Norwegian electronics manufacturer, can do no wrong these days. Kirk Midtskog has written glowing reviews of the Hegel H100 and H200 integrated amplifiers (in Issues 206 and ...
  • B.M.C. CS2 Stereo Amplifier

    B.M.C. CS2 Stereo Amplifier

    B.M.C. (Balanced Music Concept) is a relatively new company with an old soul. It was founded in 2009 by a team of accomplished designers and managers who have produced quality components for a variety of ...
  • The Newport Show

    The Newport Show

    That’s how I’d describe the third installment of T.H.E. Show Newport Beach. Attendance was ample if not overwhelming and as if cued by the nearby Pacific ocean attendees tended to arrive in waves moving between ...
  • The Eagles On HD Tracks

    The Eagles On HD Tracks

    For some time now I’ve been hoping that the Eagles catalog would be receiving the white glove, 180gram vinyl treatment. I still own the American originals plus some of the British and Japanese pressings and ...
  • Sonus faber Venere Model 2.5 Loudspeaker

    Sonus faber Venere Model 2.5 Loudspeaker

    It was only a couple issues ago that I reviewed the smallest member of Sonus faber’s newest series of entry-level loudspeakers, Venere. That particular compact, the $1199 Model 1.5, which I dubbed “tiny goddess,” might’ve ...
  • Linda Ronstadt: Simple Dreams

    Linda Ronstadt: Simple Dreams

    The 1970s was a golden decade for singer/songwriters, and one of the purest voices to bring this repertoire to life was Linda Ronstadt. Known for her inimitable styling, gutsy power, and in later years her ...
  • Sonus faber Venere Model 1.5

    Sonus faber Venere Model 1.5

    Sonus faber, I thought I knew you—that we had an understanding. What happened? You’ve seduced me for years with romantic, walnut-and-leather-accented, luteshaped loudspeakers inspired by the 18th century craftsmanship of the Cremonese master luthiers. Speaker ...

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