• Dynaudio Emit Series Unveiled

    Dynaudio Emit Series Unveiled

    The following is a press release issued by Dynaudio. October 12, 2015 - Dynaudio will present its new Emit loudspeaker series at the 2015 CEDIA Expo in Dallas, TX. With this new series, Dynaudio creates ...
  • The 30 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio

    The 30 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio

    Entry Level Pioneer SP BS-22 loudspeaker, $129 Infinity Primus P363 loudspeaker, $400 NAD D3020 integrated amplifier, $499 Rega RP1 turntable, $445 AudioQuest DragonFly v1.2 DAC, $149 PS Audio Sprout integrated amplifier, $499 Magnepan MMG loudspeaker, ...
  • Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimo

    Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimo

    Replace whatever loudspeakers you’ve been using with a pair of Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimos and people will notice—before they’ve heard a note of music. The whimsical apostrophe shape, the vibrant color, the assured smallness of ...
  • Golden Ear Awards 2015: Paul Seydor

    Golden Ear Awards 2015: Paul Seydor

    Harbeth SuperHL5plus Loudspeaker$6890 Alan Shaw’s new Harbeth SuperHL5plus is one of the most beautiful sounding speaker systems I’ve heard since the original Quad electrostatic, with the same musical authority, naturalness, and a really extraordinary top-to-bottom ...
  • Golden Ear Awards 2015: Neil Gader

    Golden Ear Awards 2015: Neil Gader

    Revel Performa3 F206 Loudspeaker$3500 Although I reviewed the F206 way back in Issue 234, this three-way, bass-reflex design has proven unforgettable. Its charismatic, highly dynamic performance is etched in my memory like that of few ...

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