• Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 3

    Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 3

    Brahms was famously casual about performance instructions for his own compositions. And, following Bach and Beethoven before him—both of whom recast their violin concertos using keyboard protagonists—he wasn’t at all averse to arrangements of his ...
  • Wagner: Parsifal

    Wagner: Parsifal

    Hans Knappertsbusch (1888-1965) had a special affinity for Wagner—a connection to the source. In the early years of the last century, he was an assistant to the composer’s son Siegfried and a pupil of Hans ...
  • Prokofiev, Gabriel: String Quartet No.1

    Prokofiev, Gabriel: String Quartet No.1

    New “classical” compositions on vinyl? Yep, here’s the First String Quartet by Gabriel Prokofiev, London-based grandson of the great Sergei. There’s a polycarbonate release of the complete quartet, but the vinyl incarnation includes only two ...
  • Rachmanioff: Symphonic Dances

    Rachmanioff: Symphonic Dances

    This recording has been an audiophile favorite for decades. Engineer David R. Hancock captured a rather dry but clarifying acoustic in McFarlin Auditorium at Southern Methodist University in May of 1967, and the sonics stop ...
  • Britten's Orchestra

    Britten's Orchestra

    Wayne Garcia lauded the HDCD iteration of this program in Issue 201 for its musical virtues and its exceptional transparency and realism. Reference Recordings has now released the same program as an SACD—the company’s first. ...
  • Prokofiev: Violin Concertos

    Prokofiev: Violin Concertos

    Prokofiev’s First Violin Concerto reminds me of a phrase I used to hear in the South: “We’ll treat you so many different ways, you’re bound to like one.” Fireworks, charm, neoclassic pirouettes, good humor, growling ...
  • Mahler: Symphonies 8 and 10 (Adagio)

    Mahler: Symphonies 8 and 10 (Adagio)

    This 2-SACD set completes the Michael Tilson Thomas/San Francisco Symphony Mahler cycle, unquestionably the most successful from an American orchestra and conductor since Leonard Bernstein’s iconic 1960s recordings. Following an intense performance of the Adagio ...
  • Mortensen: Symphony

    Mortensen: Symphony

    One of the few Scandinavian symphonic rivals to Sibelius’ seven, Finn Mortensen’s monumental 1953 Symphony—four movements totaling 38 minutes of brawny turmoil and serene exultation, and a work of authentically Brucknerian heft and solemnity—here gets ...
  • Beethoven: Piano Concerto 4

    Beethoven: Piano Concerto 4

    After Gould and Bernstein performed Beethoven’s Fourth piano concerto in January 1957, the conductor said, “Glenn, that was tremendous! We’ll have to record it.” “Glad you liked it,” Gould replied, but confided to a friend, ...
  • Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

    Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

    Since its founding in 1986, CPO has issued hundreds of superlative first-ever CDs of little-known classical music— mostly late-Romantic and modern-era works—that have much enlarged the recorded repertoire and brought joy to adventurous music lovers ...
  • Nielsen: Symphonies 2 and 3

    Nielsen: Symphonies 2 and 3

    There are now two superb New York performances of Nielsen’s glorious Third Symphony, the first being the famous Bernstein recording from 1965 that brought Nielsen renown in the U.S. The Third is a fascinating if ...
  • Mahler: Symphony No. 9

    Mahler: Symphony No. 9

    This Helicon release of a 1985 concert with the Israel Philharmonic brings to five the recordings of Mahler’s Ninth by Leonard Bernstein, which span his early advocacy of the composer in the 60s through to ...

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