• First Watt SIT-3 Stereo Power Amplifier

    First Watt SIT-3 Stereo Power Amplifier

    In hindsight, you would surmise that First Watt was rather lucky. When transistor manufacturer SemiSouth closed its doors in 2012, access to its silicon-carbide-based power JFET transistors (SITs) dried up. Fortunately, Nelson Pass had purchased ...
  • AudioQuest Dragon AC Power Cords

    AudioQuest Dragon AC Power Cords

    The Washington Post recently ran an essay about how walking barefoot outside may benefit your health. The reason is simple: grounding. The idea, we are told, is that “humans evolved in direct contact with the ...
  • Audience Au24 SX powerChord

    Audience Au24 SX powerChord

    Full disclosure: The Audience Au24 SE has been one of my reference power cords for some time. But recently I got an enticing taste of the firm’s latest—its newly upgraded SX version. However, the SX ...
  • Audio-Technica AT-LP7 Turntable

    Audio-Technica AT-LP7 Turntable

    With the arrival of Audio-Technica’s new turntable, its top-of-the-line AT-LP7, I’m back in my comfort zone, happy to have a new record player in my listening room, especially one that looks as nice as the ...
  • David Chesky’s La Farranucci

    David Chesky’s La Farranucci

    David Chesky’s comic opera, La Farranucci, was performed on March 15th and 16th at the Brooklyn Music School Playhouse and I had the good fortune to be there. Actually, all of us in the auditorium ...
  • Raidho Introduces the New TD4.2

    Raidho Introduces the New TD4.2

    The following is a press release issued by Raidho. March 18, 2019 - Building on the succes of the D4.1, our chief-designer, Benno Baun Meldgaard and his team, has done the impossible, and made our ...
  • JBL Stage A190 Loudspeaker

    JBL Stage A190 Loudspeaker

    My ears always perk up when I hear the JBL name. Even before I made the high end a kind of second home, my parents and my friends’ parents all had either Altecs or JBLs ...

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