• My Magico Moment

    My Magico Moment

    With a couple of hours in front of me prior to flying home after CAS, I took advantage of an invitation to check out Magico’s new digs in nearby Hayward. And why not? I’d been ...
  • Neil Gader's CAS 2014 Show Report: Part One

    Neil Gader's CAS 2014 Show Report: Part One

    The California Audio Show–annually hosted by dagogo.com publisher Constantine Soo–once again took up residence at the Westin Hotel over the weekend of August 15-17 (adjacent to the San Francisco airport). Like last year’s installment it ...
  • ATC SCM19 Loudspeaker

    ATC SCM19 Loudspeaker

    For the past forty years, British loudspeaker-maker ATC has forged an enviable reputation in recording/mastering studios, concert halls, and post-production facilities worldwide. Its professional active monitors are akin to precision tools, as faithful to the ...
  • Parasound JC 3+ Phono Preamp

    Parasound JC 3+ Phono Preamp

    First, hats off to Parasound for not bowing to convention and badging its new, hot-rodded version of the original JC 3 phonostage with the shop-worn cliché “Reference” or “Signature Edition.” And second, and more importantly, ...
  • Mapleshade Record Shelf System

    Mapleshade Record Shelf System

    It wasn’t too long ago that I figured my vinyl-buying days were over. By high-end standards my collection was a modest one, maybe 1500 or so LPs. But they were choice—carefully culled over the years, ...
  • MOON Nēo 260D Transport/DAC

    MOON Nēo 260D Transport/DAC

    Whatever you do, don’t go calling the Nēo 260D from Simaudio just another CD player. That’d be like comparing Usain Bolt to a Sunday morning jogger or describing a McLaren P1 as just another road ...
  • Ortofon Develops Tribute Mono Cartridge

    Ortofon Develops Tribute Mono Cartridge

    Danish cartridge manufacturer Ortofon working closely with Universal Music Group designs new mono cartridge celebrating Apple Corps Ltd’s and Universal Music Group’s release of The Beatles Mono Box Set. Thanks to a cooperative effort between ...
  • Ortofon Quintet Cartridges

    Ortofon Quintet Cartridges

    It’s hard to believe but it’s been over five years since the Ortofon 2M collection of moving-magnet cartridges was introduced—cleverly color-coded to indicate entry-level to top-tier pricing. I reviewed the 2M Red and 2M Black ...

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