• Delibes: Sylvia and Coppelia Suites

    Delibes: Sylvia and Coppelia Suites

    For 30 years, “Professor” Keith Johnson and Reference Recordings have provided audiophiles with orchestral spectaculars to challenge high-end systems. This new CD of two perennially popular ballet favorites could be their best yet. The sense ...
  • The Grandeur of the Baroque

    The Grandeur of the Baroque

    Renowned guitarist David Russell offers a well-recorded album of transcriptions of Baroque keyboard and lute works on this new Telarc. He has an excellent tone, avoiding both brightness and murkiness; the sound is rich throughout ...
  • Canfield: Saxophone Sonatas

    Canfield: Saxophone Sonatas

    Vinyl collectors know David Canfield for his mail-order sales of vintage classical LPs, but he’s also an accomplished composer, as these pieces he wrote for saxophone virtuoso Kenneth Tse show: four sonatas (one for each ...
  • Dion: Tank Full of Blues

    Dion: Tank Full of Blues

    What’s an Italian-American boy from the Bronx doing singing the blues? Telling the tales of his life, and reinvigorating a career that never really ended. Dion DiMucci started in 50s doo-wop with the Belmonts, and ...
  • Lyle Lovett: Release Me

    Lyle Lovett: Release Me

    Lyle Lovett’s final project for a major label is a mixed bag of covers and original songs from blues to bluegrass, gospel to pop. Fittingly, most of the songs are about movin’ on. There’s the ...
  • Otis Taylor: Contraband

    Otis Taylor: Contraband

    Otis Taylor may just be the last authentic bluesman. His often intimate songs, informed by the dreams and disappointments of generations of Africans and African Americans, give voice to those, past and present, scattered by ...
  • Willie Nelson: Remember Me, Vol.1

    Willie Nelson: Remember Me, Vol.1

    Those Willie Nelson critics who bait the red-headed stranger for coasting too much as a recording artist will regard Remember Me, Vol. 1 as prima facie evidence. Granted, he could use a bit more glide ...
  • Levee Town: Pages of Paperwork

    Levee Town: Pages of Paperwork

    Coming out of a resurgent Kansas City blues scene, Levee Town is a basic, unrelenting quartet with a powerhouse guitarist in Brandon Hudspeth, an inspired harmonica master in Jimmie Meade, and a right-on-the-money rhythm section ...
  • Kentucky Headhunters Dixie Lullabies

    Kentucky Headhunters Dixie Lullabies

    Ever wonder why no one ever sings anymore about the budget delights of Boone’s Farm wine? Especially the strawberry flavored kind? Well the Kentucky Headhunters haven’t forgotten the small pleasures and cheap thrills that make ...
  • Muddy Waters: Folk Singer

    Muddy Waters: Folk Singer

    Muddy Waters’ Folk Singer is no stranger to the reissue circuit. From MoFi in the early 90s to Classic Records’ more recent vinyl release, this is a perennial audiophile favorite. So what could justify another ...

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