• Soundings RMAF Open House

    Soundings RMAF Open House

    The following is a press release issued by Sounding Fine Audio Video. October 1, 2018 - Soundings Fine Audio Video is having an RMAF Open House Friday October 5th at 6pm. There will be drinks ...
  • 2018 Golden Ear Awards: Vade Forrester

    2018 Golden Ear Awards: Vade Forrester

    Audio Research Corporation VT80SE stereo amplifier $8900 The latest version of this amplifier in Audio Research’s Foundation series, the VT80SE uses a hybrid circuit with JFETs along with 6H30 driver tubes and KT150 output tubes ...
  • 2018 Golden Ear Awards: Neil Gader

    2018 Golden Ear Awards: Neil Gader

    Lindemann Audio Musicbook:25 DSD network music player $4995 Has Lindemann made being an audiophile a little too easy? Well, call me lazy but the handsome one-box solution known as the Musicbook:25 DSD allows me to ...
  • Excel Audio Listening Event Sept. 22

    Excel Audio Listening Event Sept. 22

    The following announcement is based on information provided by Excel Audio. Excel Audio is hosting its first annual Customer Appreciation open house and listening event this Saturday, Sept. 22, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. ...
  • Schiit Audio Mani Phonostage

    Schiit Audio Mani Phonostage

    Young people are into vinyl. I know that’s a weird sentence, or at least it used to be. I think everyone’s aware by now that vinyl’s a viable format again. We’re all sick of hearing ...
  • Naim Uniti Nova

    Naim Uniti Nova

    Although Naim has been making audio gear since 1973, it is not your typical stodgy old-school hi-fi firm. Instead, it is one of those fleet-footed audio manufacturers whose products have continued to evolve over the ...
  • Emotiva A-150 BasX Power Amplifier

    Emotiva A-150 BasX Power Amplifier

    Power amplifiers aren’t the most exciting components in the world. They normally don’t have many bells and whistles on their faceplates and thus don’t command as much attention. Most people probably place their power amp ...
  • Audiophilia on Four Wheels

    Audiophilia on Four Wheels

    In late 2007 I was contacted by Jon Whitledge, who invited me to hear his ambitious car-audio system at the January, 2008 CES. I’d never heard of him, and the prospect of having my ears ...

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