• Palmer 2.5 Turntable

    Palmer 2.5 Turntable

    There’s much to be said for a product that precisely defines its purpose and then proceeds to fulfill it to near perfection. The British designer Jon Palmer set out to make a high-end turntable that ...
  • Furutech DeMag LP Demagnetizer

    Furutech DeMag LP Demagnetizer

    The notion that one can “demagnetize” LPs is certain to raise the hackles of certain members of the audio community. “What’s to demagnetize?” the skeptics will scoff. Well, according to Furutech, the carbon employed to ...
  • Ortofon MC Anna Moving-Coil Cartridge

    Ortofon MC Anna Moving-Coil Cartridge

    In audio the word “neutral” can cover a multitude of virtues—or a multitude of sins. It all depends on who’s doing the talking—and the listening. Take the innovative, somewhat controversial, now- discontinued, $4500 Ortofon MC ...

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