• First Look!! PMC DB1i Loudspeaker

    First Look!! PMC DB1i Loudspeaker

    The smallest entry in PMC’s eight model i Series, the two-way DB1i is also affectionately known as the “dinky box”. I’ve heard a great many petite speakers over the years from the original Proac Tablettes, ...
  • TESTED: Totem Acoustic The One Loudspeaker

    TESTED: Totem Acoustic The One Loudspeaker

    Though it may not rank with true blood sports—such as politics and filmmaking—specialty audio manufacturing is nevertheless one rough game. Knowing this, however, has never discouraged hopeful newcomers, who, despite the high end’s marginalized status ...
  • PSB Imagine T & Imagine B Loudspeakers

    PSB Imagine T & Imagine B Loudspeakers

    At first glance it’s easy to mistake Imagine—PSB’s newest midline collection of loudspeakers—for its more costly premium line, Synchrony. I did. After all, both are visually arresting—curvaceous and seamless. And they represent a fashion shift ...
  • TESTED: Thiel CS3.7 Loudspeaker

    TESTED: Thiel CS3.7 Loudspeaker

    The more I review speakers, the more cautious I get about calling one a breakthrough. Speaker design has advanced to the point where dramatic qualitative differences are rare, where the personal taste of the audiophile ...
  • AV123 X-Statik Loudspeaker

    AV123 X-Statik Loudspeaker

    Whether you believe the economy is “fundamentally sound” or in free fall, a bargain hunter—or cheapskate?—lurks within most of us. Being a wine lover, and also a writer on the subject, I delight in discovering ...

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