• Technics R1 Reference System

    Technics R1 Reference System

    Time was when Technics, along with Nakamichi and a smattering of others, claimed membership in an elite cadre within Japan’s overwhelmingly mass-market audio industry. These companies aimed higher. Technics, a division of Panasonic, found favor ...
  • Elac Uni-Fi UB5

    Elac Uni-Fi UB5

    How do you follow an act like the Elac Debut B5? The pint-size, two-way compact simply crushed it with its big, hearty sound and puny $229 price tag (reviewed in Issue 260). In a rare ...
  • Golden Ear Awards 2016: Andre Jennings

    Golden Ear Awards 2016: Andre Jennings

    Phoenix Engineering RoadRunner Tachometer and Eagle PSU $235/$525 The RoadRunner digital tachometer can be used on any ’table to precisely measure the speed in real-time for each rotation of the platter during normal operation. The ...
  • Wilson Audio Announces Yvette

    Wilson Audio Announces Yvette

    The following is a press release issued by Wilson Audio. September 23, 2016 - When we think about Wilson Audio, there is a strong propensity to get caught up in the company’s heritage. It’s easy ...
  • Golden Ear Awards 2016: Robert Harley

    Golden Ear Awards 2016: Robert Harley

    David Berning Audio 211/845 Amplifier $75,000 In the new 211/845, David Berning has created the most ambitious realization yet of his brilliant ZOTL circuit that allows a tube amplifier to operate without an output transformer. ...
  • REL T7i Subwoofer

    REL T7i Subwoofer

    It might be a common perception, but a subwoofer’s role isn’t limited to just adding an octave or so of bass response and going boom. Ideally it should be all about the quantity and quality ...
  • Golden Ear Awards 2016: Neil Gader

    Golden Ear Awards 2016: Neil Gader

    Elac B5/F5 Loudspeakers $229/$560 The two-hundred-buck small speaker category will never be the same again. Just spend a few minutes listening to Elac’s two-way compact and you’ll understand why so many are singing its praises. ...
  • YG Acoustics Sonja XV

    YG Acoustics Sonja XV

    Thursday morning, September 8th, I attended a private unveiling of the new YG Acoustics flagship four-column, twenty-driver, Sonja XV loudspeaker, created to celebrate YG’s upcoming 15-year anniversary (2002­–2017). As a guest of Dick Diamond, YG’s ...
  • Audioengine Expands HD Series

    Audioengine Expands HD Series

    The following is a press release issued by Audioengine. AUSTIN, Texas | September 9, 2016 - Audioengine® introduces the HDP6 Premium Passive Speakers. Based on the same look and style as the award-winning HD6 powered ...
  • M3 Loudspeaker: Magico Makes Things Better

    M3 Loudspeaker: Magico Makes Things Better

    After complaining about the (un)availability of Magico’s superb, limited-edition, $129k M Project loudspeaker (see my review in Issue 255 or online at http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/magico-m-project-loudspeaker/), I am happy to report that Alon Wolf has done something to ...

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