• YG Acoustics Launches Hailey 2

    YG Acoustics Launches Hailey 2

    The following is a press release issued by YG Acoustics. Denver, CO | February 8th, 2019 - Ultra-high-end speaker manufacturer, YG Acoustics™ (www.yg-acoustics.com), once again expands accessibility to flagship-level sonics by incorporating BilletDome™ and ViseCoil™ ...
  • ATC SCM50 ASLT Loudspeaker

    ATC SCM50 ASLT Loudspeaker

    Audiophiles and active loudspeakers have had, shall we say, an uneasy relationship over the years. The squabble goes something like this: Active speakers (defined here as speakers equipped with on-board amplifiers and electronic crossovers) are ...
  • Introducing the Larsen 9 Loudspeaker

    Introducing the Larsen 9 Loudspeaker

    The following is a press release issued by Larsen and Audio Skies. February 2, 2019 - Taking the critically acclaimed and ingenious designs from the Larsen 8 to its fullest potential, the Larsen 9 features ...
  • Revel Performa3 M126Be Loudspeaker

    Revel Performa3 M126Be Loudspeaker

    During several recent audio shows, Revel has teased out what I would term a “slow reveal” of elevated-performance versions of its mid-priced Performa3 series. To Revel’s credit, the intro of these new speakers was not ...
  • CES 2019 Report

    CES 2019 Report

    I arrived without any expectation. It’s hardly headline news that high-end audio at CES has been running on fumes in recent years. Would this be the year that showing up would be a waste of ...
  • Voxativ 9.87 Loudspeaker

    Voxativ 9.87 Loudspeaker

    I might as well start at the finish: The surprisingly compact, two-piece (main speaker and sub) Voxativ 9.87 is a great loudspeaker system that I could easily and happily live with until I’m carted out ...
  • 2018 Golden Ear Awards: Greg Weaver

    2018 Golden Ear Awards: Greg Weaver

    Gamut Zodiac loudspeaker $150,000/pr. The Gamut Zodiac is one of the most remarkable products I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in my thirty years of writing about audio components. When you consider its exceptional bass ...

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