• Klipsch Heresy III Loudspeaker

    Klipsch Heresy III Loudspeaker

    You might be wondering what is so heretical about the $1700 Heresy III, the most affordable model in Klipsch’s Heritage line. The original design was introduced circa 1957 as a center channel for a pair ...
  • Lansche Audio No.7 Loudspeaker

    Lansche Audio No.7 Loudspeaker

    Loudspeaker designers constantly strive for lower and lower moving mass in their cones and panels, but what would a driver sound like if it had no moving mass—or no moving parts at all? The massless ...
  • KEF R-300 Loudspeaker

    KEF R-300 Loudspeaker

    The KEF R Series is the British speaker-maker’s first collection of loudspeakers to integrate some of its most recent innovations, principally those in the ground- breaking $30,000 Blade (Issue 222). A family of nine transducers, ...
  • PSB Imagine T2 Loudspeaker

    PSB Imagine T2 Loudspeaker

    PSB has an enviable reputation for offering speakers of extraordinary quality at reasonable prices. They are one of the “go to” brands in any price range below the stratosphere, models that need to be checked ...
  • JV's RMAF 2012 Show Report

    JV's RMAF 2012 Show Report

    Though well supported by the public and much (not all) of the industry, sonically the 2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was one of the least memorable high-end shows I’ve ever attended. From lobby rooms to ...
  • Estelon X Diamond Loudspeaker

    Estelon X Diamond Loudspeaker

    Here’s the thing about the ceramic-driver loudspeakers I’ve reviewed in the past. At low-to-moderate SPLs or on music performed pianissimo-to-mezzoforte, they have always been marvelous at reproducing the fine detail that tells you which instruments ...

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