• The Clash in High-Res

    The Clash in High-Res

    In their heyday—roughly the late-70s to early 80s—the Clash, with typical insouciant bravado, dubbed themselves “The Most Important Rock Band in the World.” They may well have been right. No doubt the band staked that ...
  • NAD Masters Series

    NAD Masters Series

    Pickering, Ontario June 11, 2014 — NAD Electronics, the highly regarded manufacturer of high-performance audio/video components, unveiled an all-new Masters Series comprised of four reference models that continue the company’s bold direction forward in digital ...
  • The 2014 Munich High-End Show

    The 2014 Munich High-End Show

    If there was any doubt that Munich is world’s most important audio event, the 2014 show held May 16-19 will put any uncertainty to rest. The MOC convention center was packed with 493 exhibitors (up ...
  • Channel D Releases Pure Music Version 2

    Channel D Releases Pure Music Version 2

    Lambertville, NJ—May 16, 2013—Channel D, developers of the innovative and award-winning Pure Vinyl™ and Pure Music® computer audio software for Apple Macintosh computers and the creator of the Seta® Ultra Wide Bandwidth Balanced Flat Phono ...
  • dBpoweramp CD Ripper

    dBpoweramp CD Ripper

    The term “ripping” sounds a bit scary—like you’re tearing something apart. However, in audio, “ripping” is the process of copying music files from a CD to your hard drive or flash drive in a format ...
  • AURALiC Debuts ARIES Streamer Bridge

    AURALiC Debuts ARIES Streamer Bridge

    Munich HIGHEND Show, May 15-18, 2014 -- Following AURALiC's CES 2014 introduction of its Lightning Streaming technology, the industry's first whole-house, high-resolution streaming solution that supports both Double-Rate DSD and DXD, the company is now ...

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