• AXPONA 2017: Speakers Below $20k

    AXPONA 2017: Speakers Below $20k

    The 2017 event, which was clearly the best attended and most vibrant of the current four-year Chicago run of AXPONAs, will be last in this highly successful series to be held at the Westin O’Hare. ...
  • Tip of the Month - AC Polarity

    Tip of the Month - AC Polarity

    The power transformers integral to all of our components serve two functions: They step up (or down) the AC supplied from the wall socket, and they isolate the equipment chassis from that same AC. Because ...
  • YG Acoustics Sonja XV

    YG Acoustics Sonja XV

    Thursday morning, September 8th, I attended a private unveiling of the new YG Acoustics flagship four-column, twenty-driver, Sonja XV loudspeaker, created to celebrate YG’s upcoming 15-year anniversary (2002­–2017). As a guest of Dick Diamond, YG’s ...
  • Kronos Sparta Turntable

    Kronos Sparta Turntable

    Kronos Audio burst onto the scene some four years ago, the brainchild of one Louis Desjardins of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Louis studied science at Concordia University in Montreal, with a primary focus on the physics ...
  • AXPONA Chicago 2015: Electronics

    AXPONA Chicago 2015: Electronics

    What a superlative event! While it is true that covering shows can be challenging, especially when producing the first report for a new magazine, I freely admit that I was looking forward to this gathering, ...

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